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Emmy award-winning KHOU Reporter Grace White shares her thoughts on motherhood, why Houston is the best, and the one baby item she can’t live without.

What is one of your favorite parts of motherhood?

I love watching the world through my child’s eyes. There’s just something about the way they experience things, it’s so genuine!

Does the news cycle make getting enough rest and time to relax challenging? Family Picture - Motherhood Center

I personally love being a working mom. For me, it’s the perfect balance of being home for part of the day and having a career. Yes, true rest can be hard to come by! However, I think that’s true for any industry these days because we live in such a fast-past world. I just try to take time every day to do something for myself, whether it’s a quick nap, workout at the gym or quiet time to read after they go down.

Best advice you can give to newly minted moms trying to figure out the work/family balance thing.

Give yourself extra time! Returning to work after baby was one of the hardest transitions to tackle. There’s so much gear to pack and then just as you load up the car, sometimes you’ll get a surprise dirty diaper! I always felt more relaxed when I gave myself extra time and if you get to the office early… enjoy a few extra minutes of peace and quiet!

Aside from it being your hometown, what makes Houston a choice location to raise a family? 

I think all the educational opportunities Houston offers are top notch. With my little one, we’ve recently had the chance to explore The Houston Museum of Natural Science. As a boy and a toddler, the dinosaurs were a big hit!

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Baby 2 Announcement - Motherhood CenterAre there any longheld family traditions you are incorporating into your family? What about new traditions you’re creating?

Both my husband and I love to cook. There’s something about preparing a meal and gathering around a table that’s sacred. Since I work nights, we don’t always get that experience during the week, so we make it a priority on the weekends. We also both enjoy cooking with our son. Lately, his favorite is to help me bake chocolate chip cookies.

How is your second pregnancy different from your first? 

I feel more relaxed! I’m less worried about the mechanics of becoming a mom and more focused on chasing my toddler. There’s less downtime, but it makes the weeks pass by quickly.

What’s your weirdest pregnancy craving to date?

Hmm… I haven’t had too many weird cravings. I’m not usually one to run and get fast food, but this time around I have been known to enjoy a corndog and tater tots from Sonic.

Your favorite part of being a boy mom is _______.

Watching them grow! Gosh, it really is amazing. My son and I can now carry on a full conversation. Listening to him chatter is one of my greatest joys!

Any pregnancy tips you’ve found particularly helpful? 

I’m a big fan of working out while you’re pregnant, but I was someone who always worked out before. I love group fitness classes and recently picked up swimming again as I enter the late part of my second trimester.

Baking Cookies - Motherhood CenterWhat’s the one baby item you can’t live without? 

We don’t use a high chair anymore, but the $20 one from IKEA is amazing. I loved it, first because it’s affordable and second because there’s no fabric on it. You can quickly wipe it down and the mess is gone!

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Being your second pregnancy, is there anything you’d do differently this time that you didn’t do the first time? 

Finish the baby book earlier! I’m still working on my son’s and he is almost three. My goal now is to get it done before I deliver baby #2.

Lastly, do you have any additional thoughts or advice for new or expecting moms? 

Find support! One of the best things I did was join a local MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers). It helped me meet moms in my neighborhood with kids the same age as my son. They brought me meals after I delivered and were a great sounding board for all my questions as a new mom.

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