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Bush Intercontinental Airport announced the opening of four private breastfeeding rooms.

The rooms are equipped with a comfy chair, changing table, and a sink.

Take a look:

Houston Public Media has more:

The airport has opened a total of four nursing rooms at Bush Intercontinental. Two are in Terminal A and two in Terminal C.

The Houston Airport System’s Bill Begley says along with comfortable chairs, the private rooms have power outlets and changing tables. There’s also a door you can close.

“If you have mothers with infants they need a space of their own, a place where they can quietly nurse their child or change their child, have a little bit of quiet time to themselves,” added Begley.

Bush Intercontinental has also added rooms with cribs and rocking chairs in Terminals B and D. You can find the location of those rooms on the Houston Airport System website.

Begley said they’re also considering nursing rooms at Hobby Airport.

Great news!

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