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Infants and toddlers can easily dehydrate in the summer heat. Since they cannot tell their parents or caregivers they are hot or thirsty, it is very important to prevent them from becoming overheated.

Meredith Stedham, RN, LPC and VP of the Motherhood Center said, “Summer in Houston is a time when we all need to be mindful of staying hydrated, however it is especially important to make sure that infants and young children are drinking adequate fluids because they have smaller bodies, which also means smaller fluid reserves and an increased risk to more quickly become dehydrated compared to adults.”

Tips on Keeping Babies and Children Cool in the Summer Heat:

sun, baby, keep baby cool, houston, motherhoodcenter, hydrationMake sure your baby drinks extra fluids. If he is too young for water, increase fluid by giving him extra formula or by nursing more frequently. Babies should drink at least 50 percent more than usual in the summer.julbo, julbo sunglasses, baby glasses, baby shades, baby sunglasses, motherhoodcenter, eye protection for baby

sun, baby, keep baby cool, houston, motherhoodcenter, hydrationDress your infant/toddler in loose-fitting, lightweight garments. Cotton is a great natural fabric which absorbs perspiration better than synthetic fabrics. Also a wide brimmed hat is a wise choice to protect their precious faces from the suns rays.

sun, baby, keep baby cool, houston, motherhoodcenter, hydrationNever leave an infant or toddler in a hot room or parked car. Even a few minutes could cause their temperature to rise drastically and become dangerously overheated.

sun, baby, keep baby cool, houston, motherhoodcenter, hydrationIf using a baby carrier, be aware that the combination of your body heat and the carrier’s restricting space can raise the infant’s temperature. Choose a carrier made from lightweight material rather than a heavy fabric. If a child’s face begins to look flushed, remove her from the carrier immediately.

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sun, baby, keep baby cool, houston, motherhoodcenter, hydrationThe sun is most harmful between 10am and 2pm. Plan outdoor activities either before or after this time period.

sun, baby, keep baby cool, houston, motherhoodcenter, hydrationWhen playing outdoors, look for shaded areas, under trees, canopies, or umbrellas. Sunglasses for your little one is a good idea too. Make sure the lenses block UVA and UVB rays. Julbo Baby and Toddler Sunglasses provide essential eye protection and can be found at the Motherhood Center.

sun, baby, keep baby cool, houston, motherhoodcenter, hydrationLook for fun indoor activities you and your baby/toddler can enjoy! Mom and baby yoga or mom and me yoga is a fun way to interact with your little one during the hot summer months. The Motherhood Center offer a variety of Mom and Baby Yoga classes. Check the schedule here: Motherhood Yoga

Summertime should be a fun time. Use these tips to make sure your baby and toddler is cool, hydrated and protected from the summer sun.

About Motherhood Center:  The Motherhood Center is a unique space for moms-to-be, new mommies, and families in the heart of Houston, Texas. MHC offers the support and services all mothers need, from pregnancy to parenting.

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