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by: Michelle Wells, Instructor

Mom and Baby BOOTCAMP is your opportunity to lose inches while bonding with baby and other moms!  In our first six week course of 2012, all the moms lost an average of 2 inches in both the waist and hips!  I’m so proud of our awesome moms that just finished this session. You ladies kicked butt!

We are all varying sizes at varying places in our postpartum recoveries, with different fitness levels and health concerns.  Whether you’re recovering and just getting back into moving your body, or if you’ve been working out regularly and baby is prancing around, you will enjoy a balancing, fat burning, energizing workout in our class.  I will help guide you into a workout that works for your body.

Our babies are from 8 weeks through crawling, and we almost always have some big developmental landmarks in our class! We all inspire each other!  Our workouts incorporate cardio intervals with weight lifting, pilates, yoga, and baby play.

Feel free to email me with any questions.  See you Tuesdays at 4!  Let’s get fit!!! :O)  Next session begins May 29. Register Now!

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