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by: Michelle Wells, Fitness Instructor

As you may be aware, FIT is the new Skinny! Calling all new moms!  It’s time to get back in SHAPE!  I’m delighted to offer our Mom and Baby Boot Camp so we can burn off that “baby” fat, and find our optimal energy levels and healthy bodies.

It’s amazing to me how much my body changed after pregnancy.  It’s like being inside a new planet.  With this new body, plus any sleep deprivation and normal postpartum stress, a good workout routine is absolutely necessary.  With the high demand motherhood puts on our bodies, fatigue, bad eating habits, and being overwhelmed can send us into the twilight zone.  By increasing our blood flow in our workout we release stress and bring more oxygen to the brain and organs needing rejuvination and healing, then we leave class feeling more energized, motivated to make healthy choices, feeling balanced and fit.
I will always treasure the moms in my first mom baby classes at TMC.  My baby Jerrian was 2 months old and we had a knee slappin good time trying to use our new bodies together and maneuver that baby around.  After a year adventure in Kauai, I’m back in TX and have the opportunity to laugh and sweat with more new mamas!  Life is good.
Here’s the class description:  Mom & Baby Bootcamp includes a variety of drills that focus on strength, power, agility, balance, cardio and core.  The class uses exercises that incorporate baby, from using baby as weight to baby stretches and massage.  Women must be 8+ weeks postpartum and ready to sweat.  Bring a blanket for baby and wear tennis shoes.  See you on the dance floor! 🙂
Session begins April 3:
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