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Bring On The Bananas!

By February 21, 2011August 31st, 2021No Comments

by: Emma Aguirre

It’s been a big day in our house! We had my daughter’s four month check up this morning, and since then, we’ve tried eating off a spoon AND my husband built the high chair!

We survived the shots with minimal tears from both mom and daughter. I held them back as she wailed in pain, but it was short and sweet this time compared to the two month butchering she got. She’s a little more clingy than usual I’ve noticed, but so far no fever to report thankfully. My daughter is slightly bigger than most babies her age, but in proportion so the doctor is happy. I confessed to slipping her the cereal at night and the pediatrician was totally unfazed. She asked how much and if it was helping her. And it really has been helping, she’s so much more satisfied. So, we can now start with fruits.

I’m feeling a little sad about the solids. It seems to have come so quickly. Already, we’re washing the oddly shaped spoons and bowls. She sat in her newly built highchair as we fed her, and she just loved it. She looked so much more comfortable than I expected. On the way home we swung by Target and looked at what options we had for solids. Frankly, none of them look very appetizing and I’m sure they smell just as bad as they look! I’m interested mostly in the Earth’s Best and Happy Baby products, but I plan to make my own for the next few weeks at least. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) purchasing organic or locally grown fruits and vegetables can lower pesticide intake by 80% versus conventionally grown produce.

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I also spoke with her about sun exposure. We spent most of the weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and I was unsure how I should dress my daughter, whether I should be covering her up or using sunscreen. The American Academy of Pediatrics has some great advice, and my pedi mirrored that. She said a good baby sunscreen is totally appropriate for this weather if we’re going to be outside for long periods of time.

Speaking of good weather, later this week I’m heading to the Mom Expo at the Legends Sports Complex in the Woodlands, which I’m really excited about. From what I can gather it’s a tradeshow filled with new mom and baby goodies. Similac will be there, Happy Baby, Gymboree, to name just a few and of course, The Motherhood Center also has a booth! This is such a great time of year in Houston, especially with the Rodeo just around the corner too. We did Family Day at Bayou Bend Sunday, the home of Ima Hogg, and it was just beautiful! Great for family photo ops! We plan to get out and enjoy it as much as we can before that humidity rolls in!

I also spoke with the pedi about flying with my daughter. She’ll be about six months when we travel to California in April and I asked her for general tips and advice. She said the sucking is good for landing and takeoff when the ears pop, but if she’s asleep she likely won’t feel a thing which was reassuring. Now, we just have to decide on the best time to fly. I’m also wondering how we will adjust to the two-hour time difference. She said six months is a great age to travel with kids, as they aren’t squirming everywhere yet. We’ll see how the other travelers feel about that.

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