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The new Health Care Reform is helping to increase breastfeeding rates for mothers and babies. In order to assist women with breastfeeding difficulties, most insurance companies are covering multiple visits with breastfeeding specialists. If your insurance company does not have an in network breastfeeding provider, which is generally the case since most breastfeeding specialists are not part of insurance networks, then the insurance company will generally still provide benefits based on plan allowances. If the insurance company has no one in their network to provide specific medically necessary care, care is generally covered under in network benefits.

Our lactation consultant at The Motherhood Center is an RN and a Certified Breastfeeding Educator, and either one or both of these credentials are accepted by insurance companies. Lactation consultation services at The Motherhood Center require payment at the time of the visit. A receipt will then be given to mom with the appropriate diagnosis codes based on her and the baby’s breastfeeding problems that can then be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. Also if a mom has a medical reason for needing to use a hospital grade breast pump, she may obtain an order from her pediatrician to submit to the insurance company along with her receipts from her payment for the rental charges. The Motherhood Center rents The Medela Symphony hospital grade breast pump.

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