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As Texas starts to open its doors, and transition to a normal routine; many expecting parents are wondering if it is safe to have family travel across the country to visit their newborn. Welcoming a newborn infant is such an exciting milestone, and new parents look forward to having family support as they learn how to be parents for the first (or even the fourth) time. It’s the spirit of community that holds us together during times of uncertainty, but most of all parents of a newborn infant deserve to have their community around them.

The Motherhood Center has been part of that community for the past 20 years. We have worked endlessly to provide educational, emotional, and physical support for parents and newborns. One of the best ways we have been able to help parents in these past few weeks is through our Baby Doula/NBCS services. Many parents have had to cancel plans for family support, and are experiencing a much shorter stay in hospital after delivery. The Motherhood Center has been able to step in and help parents transition into life with a newborn with the support of a Baby Doula/NBCS. Mom can count on rest and recovery, and Dad can depend on the Baby Doula guiding them on how to best nurture their newborn. All of our Baby Doulas’ sole desire is to work with their client’s as a team in order to best form a successful family with an established healthy family routine.

We have been able to safely provide support for families in our community these past few weeks due to the extensive measures our Baby Doulas/NBCS are taking. Following CDC handwashing instructions, continuous sanitization of high-contact areas, and wearing PPE and sterile uniforms has brought peace of mind to clients welcoming a BabyDoula/NBCS into their home. The Motherhood Center has also prioritized Baby Doula/NBCS to work with one family at a time to decrease the risk of cross-contamination.

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Expecting and new parents still need the support of their community, of a village of people to care for the family as a whole. The Motherhood Center looks forward to providing that support parents deserve.

With Care,

Sonia Jimenez
Baby Doula / Newborn Care Specialist Coordinator

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