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This Sunday is Father’s Day, and although we focus so much on the moms and babies during pregnancy and even after the baby is born, this is the one day we celebrate dads. At Motherhood Center we believe that dads are just as important! These are the people who support us during pregnancy, rub our feet, talk to the baby in our tummies, drive to the store at all hours to satisfy our cravings, rub our lower backs, put up with our mood swings, and hold our hands during the hard process of labor.

Dads feel an instant connection with the baby the second they lay eyes on them. Today’s dads are involved with diaper changing, getting up in the middle of night for crying babies, feeding the baby, carrying around those heavy car seats, and taking care of the baby in the early days so we can rest. The bond they continue to develop with their children will help shape them into the people they become as adults.

Dads don’t even have to be biological. Often the ‘dad’ in our life is a grandparent, uncle, or family friend. A dad is someone who guides us, teaches us, cares for us, and loves us but doesn’t necessarily have to be related to us.

A Letter to My Dad in Honor of Father’s Day


In honor of my own father, I have written a letter to him that I would like to share with you all.

Dear Dad,

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for being born into our family. I am very grateful to you. Mom always tells me that I am just like you – genetics are amazing in this way. I am so grateful for the times I was able to garden with you and still do, every time I go back to my home country (Czech Republic), you and I spend some time gardening, picking peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh herbs, the list goes on… This is where my love for nature and appreciation for small wonders started. Dad, you are an excellent handyman, and I love the countless hours we have spent in your workshop, and still do when I go home to visit you. I grew up in a pretty idealistic way as far as family goes, and I have to thank you for that. All of my childhood friends had both parents, most of them are still together. It is my hope that every child has a great moral figure – a patient, giving, and loving father figure, just like I have.

XO Gabinka (that’s what my dad calls me)

Thank you to my dad and all my uncles, grandpas, and older cousins for being my father figures growing up in my small town.

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Today and every day we are celebrating dads

Father's Day

To celebrate the dad in your life, we would like to offer you a $25 discount on a massage for dad! You might not know that our massage services aren’t just for prenatal and postnatal moms, but for everyone! Our massage therapists specialize in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and hot stone massage, all perfect for the men in our lives!

So, please call us at 713-963-8880 to book a massage for that special man in your life with code FD19 and receive $25 off either a 60-minute or 90-minute massage. This offer is good for massages booked through June 23, 2019.

What are your favorite memories of you father? Share them in the comments!

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