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The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re shopping for a gift for a mom or soon-to-be-new mom, consider these 5 fabulous gift ideas.

1.  Massage

Chances are she hasn’t been getting much sleep nor is she feeling very pampered. What better way to say “I love you” then a gift that is all about her.   Let Mom have her own well deserved time-out!

Here at the Motherhood Center we have great package options for both our 60 minute and 90 minute massages. Do not underestimate the magic our massage therapists create, guaranteed to make mommy feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

2.  Plan a Date Night

Do you even remember the last time you had a dinner conversation without trying to talk over the kids that are yelling?  Take advantage of a whole evening just the two of you.  Not only will it be great for her – but it is a gift you both can enjoy.

If childcare is an issue for the new little addition, The Motherhood Center would be happy to help with our babysitting service that comes right to your house. And Mom will feel better knowing baby is in such capable and qualified hands, letting her relax and unwind with you!

3.  Massage with Babysitting

Most Moms find it hard to do indulge in a massage when she is running against the clock to get back to the sitter.  That’s why a gift of massage with babysitting is one of our top picks!

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Available every Monday and Tuesday at the Motherhood Center – a 60 or 90 minute Massage with Babysitting lets mom have the much needed relaxation and pampering while the kids enjoy playing fun activities at the center.

4.  Mommy Day Out

Sometimes just a few hours away from the hectic day to day can help reset the mind and body.  Whether she choses to go shopping, attend a new art exhibit or sit at a cafe – it will do a world of good for her remember that she is still a woman and not just a new mommy. And when she returns you get to enjoy the radiant smile on her face.

5.  Yoga Class

She’s probably made mention about how nice it would be to take a yoga class, but has never taken the plunge.  Well, now’s your chance to give her a Yoga Class Pack so she can build her core strength while nurturing a healthy alignment of the body and mind.  Just in time to battle that post-holiday stress!

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