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10 Surprising Things That Change When You Have a Baby

It’s true that everything changes when a baby comes into the family. That’s not always a bad thing, especially if it means sweet snuggles, impish smiles, and more joy in our momma hearts than we could have ever imagined. However, some changes are downright shocking and can come as a complete surprise, especially for first-time parents. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to expecting the unexpected!

The Good

  1. Babies give you a reason to wake up in the morning. Even though you’ll be tired, sometimes the thought of seeing your silly child, cuddling their soft bodies, and playing with their chubby cheeks will get you out of bed.
  2. Your new priorities will act as a guide. If you struggled with making big decisions, having a baby can give you the clarity you need. Suddenly, things that seemed important to you may not anymore, freeing you to step into the next stage of life.
  3. You’ll have a new appreciation for your own parents. New moms may find that having kids gives them a different perspective and understanding of their parents. You might look back at your own childhood and see things in a different way.
  4. There is great pleasure in seeing a mini-version of you or a family member. It’s so much fun to see a child remind you of yourself, your spouse, grandparents, or even their aunts or uncles. Sometimes, as a child grows, you can see a resemblance in their features. Other times, you’ll be tickled that their mannerisms echo someone else’s in the family.
  5. It’s fun to have a buddy! It’s hard to imagine that a baby can be a companion but you would be surprised. You have a walking companion (riding in a stroller), a buddy for yoga classes (check out our Mom and Baby Yoga classes), and little person to laugh and play with every day.
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The Bad

  1. Everything takes longer than it used to. Gone are the days when you can grab your keys and get out the door. Now, there is always a last-minute diaper change, maybe a feeding that needs to be squeezed in, and a diaper bag to plan and pack. First-time parents are surprised to discover that what used to take seconds to do now takes many, many complicated minutes.
  2. It will be hard to find time for yourself. Unless a baby is sleeping, you are on duty. Think you can at least escape to the bathroom? Unfortunately, an infant always needs your attention. It may take a few tries until you actually have a minute! If you’re feeling overwhelmed and there isn’t anyone at home who can give you a break, consider contacting the Motherhood Center for our babysitting service for support and give yourself the gift of some alone time.
  3. Babies wake up early. Every day. Sometimes it comes as a surprise to new parents that their bundle of joy is joyful very early in the morning, every day for the first three years of their lives. Parents can no longer sleep in. The early morning wake-up call also means that you will be very tired by the afternoon so a nap becomes a priority not just for the baby, but for an exhausted momma too!

The Ugly

  1. There is poop and snot, and a lot of it. Babies can go through ten diapers a day during the newborn stage! As for snot, young kids are notorious for getting the sniffles and unfortunately, they won’t know how to wipe their own noses. The good news though is that there are now fancy nasal aspirators from the Fridababy line that will support your new role as a nose-wiper! The Fridababy line also includes products that help with relieving baby’s gas and colic, aspects of parenthood that first-time parents probably did not give much thought about before. Find this and other helpful mom and baby essentials at the Motherhood Center boutique.
  2. It hurts for a long time after labor and delivery. Sometimes new moms are surprised they can’t just bounce back. It can be challenging to move around, use the bathroom, or get in and out of bed for weeks after labor and delivery. The trauma that a mom’s body endures from a vaginal or c-section birth can leave her more than just tired, but in pain and aching. It takes a while to feel like yourself again. 
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Even with all these unexpected and at times unwelcome changes, having a baby is often the very best thing that has ever happened to a family. The Motherhood Center is here to support new moms through your journey every step of the way. We offer everything from postnatal massages to Baby Sleep Training services. Contact us with any questions about our vast array of services. Your world may be turned completely upside down, but you won’t mind the good, the bad, or the ugly when you gaze upon that sweet little baby face, especially when they are sleeping peacefully!

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