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Women’s Financial Forum Presented By Motherhood Center & Partners In Wealth

Is your family financially fit for the future?

Think about the different kinds of fitness – physical, mental, emotional. Being fit in these areas plays a huge role in our sense of happiness and well-being. What about “financial fitness?” Was this one of the categories that came to mind when you thought of being fit?

Likely, we gravitate toward certain types of fitness because there are measurable benefits and milestones. With physical fitness, we can easily measure our weight, body mass index, strength and so on. Mental fitness can be measured and improved through activity and brain training. Even emotional fitness can be measured through emotional intelligence tests.

What about financial fitness?

What criteria can we use to measure our current level of fitness and improvements over time? How do we know when we are fit? While the criteria for measuring this fitness may not be as clearly defined as for other types, you can evaluate and improve just as with the other areas.

A big part of financial fitness comes from creating goals. Much like setting physical fitness goals, financial goals are the “why” to your how. Once you understand why you want to be fit, it’s a matter of finding the right tools and support to get you to your target.

Much like any goal, taking the first step can be the most daunting, especially if the technical aspects are new to you. However, every one of us knows where we want to be – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. You just may need some help understanding the tools to get you there and the support to help you stay on your path.

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To help you with the first steps or give you support on your journey to financial fitness, we invite you to join us at our Women’s Financial Forum event, Tuesday, July 9th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This discussion group is your opportunity to connect with other women to ask questions, share experiences, and pass along pointers for realizing and reaching goals for your financial fitness.  The event will be held at Motherhood Center in our education room.

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