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by: Mary Bratcher, Baby Planner

Here at The Motherhood Center we LOVE Coolbottoms! It was created by a pediatrician who is also a mother. We all know that Mothers know best! The pH balancing helps baby’s skin to maintain normal condition without the use of oily, sticky, stay-on lotions. It is cooling to the touch and a breeze to clean up. We say it is a must have for every baby!

Cool Bottoms

Coolbottoms arctic white cream soothes and protects while it heals. It is the FIRST diaper rash product to use pH-mediating action to deliver relief and eliminate redness. The clean formulation is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and silky smooth to the touch. Coolbottoms uses the basic pH scale to relieve irritated skin damaged by diarrhea illnesses, antibiotic usage, eating and drinking acidic foods or beverages, or simply insufficient diaper changes. It brings baby into the cool and mom into a restful state and peace of mind! So keep it around the house for those difficult diaper rashes!

Specially Formulated by a Pediatrician for Children

Coolbottoms was carefully formulated by a pediatrician and mom specifically for babies in diapers. It can also safely be used on special needs children that continue to be at risk for diaper rash.

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