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Gabriela Gerhart, Founder & President

For over 13 years I have been helping families find a babysitter or nanny for their newborns, toddlers, and school-aged children in Houston.  I have also provided advanced nanny training to help fine-tune the skills of our nannies. Over the past couple of years, I have noticed a shift in how parents search for and hire a nanny.

Many families continue to rely on a placement agency to successfully match them with a nanny.  They are comforted knowing that all the necessary quality checks such as confirming a nanny’s job history, reference checks, and background checks, along with other necessary paperwork have been processed.  There are also families that utilize different methods such as a monthly subscription service, recommendations from local mom groups, or mom-to-mom recommendations to find a nanny.  Whether you use an agency or do it on your own I’ve provided some tips to make sure you have the best nanny watching and nurturing your children.


  1.  Always go with your gut. I am a big believer in following your instincts and whenever you are interviewing a sitter or nanny watch for any red flags. If there is anything at all that doesn’t sit right with you, do not choose that person.
  2. It’s better to have the first interview with the prospective sitter or nanny at a neutral place and the second interview at your home with the children. Having the second interview at your home allows you to see how the nanny or sitter reacts to your children and how they respond to her or him.
  3. Always do a background check. It’s important to note that just because someone gives you references doesn’t mean they are real. Call every reference and ask questions.
  4. Do a trial where you are around the house while the sitter or nanny is there working with your children.
  5. Establish rules from the very beginning, such as your policy on a cell phone and TV use, visitors, trips to the park or outside, snacks and meal preparations, etc.
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  1. See how the first few days and weeks go to ensure it’s a good match for both the nanny or sitter and your children.
  2. When you come home from work, if your children are able to talk, always ask your children how the day went and what they did. If your baby doesn’t talk yet, pay attention to their reactions and how they respond once you get home.
  3. Do an unexpected visit to see how things are going when you are not home or expected home.
  4. Finally, you are leaving your children in this person’s hands. Make sure you feel absolutely comfortable with them. Don’t be afraid to let them go if you feel things are not working out.

About the Motherhood Center Nanny and Babysitting Placement Agency

Our Nanny and Babysitting experts know exactly what to look for in a nanny or babysitter. Our team carefully interviews each candidate and does a thorough background check. Out of every 50 nannies who apply, we only accept about 10 of them into our program. Our nanny job descriptions are very rigorous. That’s how selective we are in choosing qualified candidates. The Motherhood Center offers babysitting services as well as part-time or full-time nannies. Our nannies are available for temporary or permanent work. If you need to find a nanny or a babysitter, call our Nanny and Babysitting expert at 713-963-8880 ext. 107 for more information.

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