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by: Rachel McKenny

The Belly Bandit is a post-pregnancy belly wrap that helps tighten and shrink your tummy. Our new mamas love the Belly Bandit because it enables them to look and feel amazing after giving birth. What new mom doesn’t want to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape?

Belly Bandit works by compressing the stomach, hips, and waist (which we all know have expanded during the course of pregnancy).Your tummy is able to tighten and shrink thanks to the hormone Relaxin.During pregnancy and delivery your body produces Relaxin to help loosen joints and ligaments for your baby’s arrival.Relaxin will eventually go back down to normal levels, but remains heavily concentrated in your body for approximately 6-8 weeks post delivery.Relaxin is one reason Belly Bandit really works!Another reason is due to the constant compression that results in helping the uterus shrink faster.

Don’t be fooled- Belly Bandit isn’t just a vanity item.It reduces discomfort, adds support while breastfeeding, lifts pressure off of your back and legs, and improves posture.Belly Bandit makes a few different versions of their product.Here at The Motherhood Center, we carry the Bamboo Belly Bandit because we think it’s the best one!Bamboo Belly Bandits are eco friendly and antibacterial.Fabric made from bamboo is three times more durable than cotton and is moisture wicking.That’s definitely important with summer approaching here in Texas!

C-section mommies need to check with their doctor before using the Belly Bandit.For C-sections I recommend using the C-panty (another item sold at The Motherhood Center).We don’t sell C-panty online, but you can buy it at our store.

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Check out this week’s video on The Bamboo Belly Bandit:

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