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The latest BUZZ (literally!) on EMF’s in the home

By March 4, 2011No Comments

by: Gabrielle Welch, N.C., CHHC, Welch Wellness

Have you noticed a buzzing sound recently when placing your iPhone or other smart phone next to your home computer? There has been quite a lot of talk lately about EMF (electromagnetic frequency) and what it’s doing to our brains and our bodies. With children rapidly approaching cell phone age and wifi everywhere, I have asked a business associate and expert on the subject, Allison Evans, co- owner of to provide some insight into this highly controversial topic. They have seen clients whose children have had everything from severe health- related issues to minor things like being unable to sleep or regressive bedwetting as a result of a bed being placed on a wall with faulty wiring behind it.

I would highly recommend the products at both for your cell phones and home to help counteract the effects of EMF. They are offering a March special as well. You can visit their website here.

The Lowdown on Cell Phone Radiation
You’ve probably heard about the potential dangers of cell phone radiation but either disregard it due to skepticism or simply don’t know how to act upon the warnings. The issue of electromagnetic radiation is ever-increasing and ever-pervasive as most everyone and their uncle (or child!) has access to a cell phone, ipad, or some sort of wireless communication device. And even if they don’t, we’re all still affected by the invisible, yet all-pervasive, microwave frequencies that surround us.

Most people are unaware that their wireless device is constantly sending out a signal even when not in use. If your cell phone, iPad, etc. is on, the transmitter is sending out a signal that creates a hazardous field of microwave radiation. When it’s in actual use (talking or texting), the dangerous levels of microwave radiation from it are greatly enhanced.

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So How Do EMF’s Affect Us?
Each of our cells are constantly communicating with each other…it’s how our bodies carry on their million-plus, day-to-day functions! These electromagnetic frequencies cause our cells to go into sympathetic (fight or flight) lock-down mode, keeping nutrients from getting into the cell and toxins from getting out. This can lead to a cascade of events including cellular death and disrupted communication, which can show up in a range of symptoms depending on the person. And that’s what makes it so hard to connect the dots: everyone is affected differently, from drowsiness and dizziness to cancers and diseases. Europe’s premier research institutions link cell phone usage to “brain aging,”, brain damage, early-onset Alzheimer’s senility, DNA damage and even sperm die-off.

Dr. Becker, a famed orthopedic surgeon who has done extensive research on this topic, says, “If the exposure is prolonged, the stress-response system becomes exhausted and the competency of the immune system declines…in such a state, animals and humans are more susceptible to cancer and infectious disease.”

Parents Should Take Action
Doubt still looms for many, but the debate continues to heat up over the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields. If you don’t mind, let me take you back to a time where the verdict was still out on the dangers of tobacco, Asbestos was the greatest thing since sliced bread, X-rays were used casually as shoe-fitting devices, DDT was sprayed with little thought…the list goes on. And, since these electromagnetic waves evade all senses, they’re all the more easy to ignore and/or deny.

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But what if one day the notion of our children – in the crux of their brain’s developmental stages – using cell phones is looked back upon with horror? It’s undeniable that our developing children are significantly more affected due to their ever-developing brains, nervous systems, reproductive systems, etc. Is it not the jobs of parents to take prudent precaution in the absence of scientific certainty?

Taking Action
It has to be stressed that the only true protection against the harmful effects of wireless radiation is the removal of the source, or simply not using these devices. We highly encourage that you have your children use landlines when talking on the phone. The next best thing would be to avoid their usage when possible, turning them off at night, using headsets, etc. But with the influx of iPads and other wireless game devices, this isn’t always easy or possible. That’s when the Quantum Cell comes in.

The Quantum Cell
The Quantum Cell uses Scalar Resonance Technology to ground your nervous system into the earth’s electromagnetic field by transforming the hazardous field of microwave radiation generated by cell phones into a positive, protective field. And, through the end of March, you’ll get a free live-source Vitamin D3 supplement with your purchase the Quantum Cell from Three Branches Healthy Living. Vitamin D supports healthy brain function to further enhance your protection against electromagnetic fields.

Safeguard Your Home Against Non-Wireless EMFs
Unfortunately, wireless communication is only a part of the big picture of electromagnetic stress. We are surrounded by a sea of electromagnetic radiation generated by our home’s AC wiring system. By utilizing the Scalar Home Protection System, you could significantly alter the ill-effects of these potentially harmful fields. The 3-step device can be plugged into any socket in the home and is easy to throw in your bag when traveling. (See the product for recommended usage as it is best to adapt to each stage before moving onto the next) The Scalar Home Protection System is especially important for people who have immune deficiency problems, in particular, asthmatic individuals, ADHD children and people with chronic illnesses.

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Parents who have used the Scalar Home Protection System have noted increased calmness, longer attention spans and more cooperative behavior in their children, as well as higher grades in school.

Here is a recent link as well with more invaluable information…

So take action now to make a difference in your families’ health today.

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