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by: Gabrielle Welch, Welch Wellness

Did you know that the US has the highest rate of cancer of any country on the planet?

Did you also know that we spend more money on health care than any other country in the word?

Despite intensive research efforts, no one has been able to explain why children today are affected so profoundly with illnesses that were relatively rare in children just thirty years ago? (1)

The hygiene hypothesis, as described by the American Society for Microbiology, “suggests that allergies and autoimmune diseases are caused or aggravated by depriving the immune system of microbial stimulation during its development.” The theory argues that the human being’s exposure to microbes early in life has been reduced substantially in the modern industrialized era. As many of these microbe have been removed from our experience through sanitation, sterilization chlorination, etc. our immune systems are no longer effectively “primed” when we are children and therefore do not function properly. (2)

A lack of exposure to germs in early childhood is robbing our kids’ immune systems of the chance they need to become fully developed, mature and effective.

As moms, we think we are protecting our kids by coating them with hand sanitizer several times a day and keep every surface and toy in our house clean with Clorox wipes, when in reality, we are doing permanent damage to their immune systems a well as their endocrine (hormone) system.

What’s wrong with dirt and a few germs? NOTHING! When you use antibac products, you are killing the good germs as well as the bad, which upsets the body’s intestinal gut flora, which is where 75% of our immune system lives. When that gets out of whack, THAT’S when you get sick. So using products that kill all of the germs can actually do the opposite of what we had intended: they can make us SICK!

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Triclosan, which is the major ingredient in all antibac products is not even recommended anymore for use in the home by the FDA or American Medical Association. Somehow, Purell and GermX have failed to mention this in their advertising!!!

Triclosan is linked to liver and inhalation toxicity and low- level exposure can disrupt thyroid function, among other bodily functions. It’s in our lakes, rivers and water sources, so you can bet on the fact that we are already getting low- level exposure without adding the daily use at school and home.

How do you avoid it? You must read labels! It can be found in anything labeled antibac, soap and dishwashing liquid, towels, mattresses, sponges, personal care products, toothpaste, kitchenware and plastic containers and many other products.

Go for the natural hand sanitizers or just PLAIN SOAP AND WATER, which has been proven to be just as effective by the FDA. You can buy them almost anywhere now. Some healthy alternatives are: CleanWell, EO, and the 365 Whole Foods Brand.

For more information on greening up your health, home and life, please contact me about my Simple Green Living Program at or

For a better, cleaner, simpler world,

Gabrielle Welch

Welch Wellness

Source: A Compromised Generation, pg32-34 by Beth Lambert

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