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The Fluoride Debate

By February 27, 2011No Comments

by: Gabrielle Welch, Welch Wellness

Water fluoridation has been described as the widest mass medication experiment in history.

The Great Fluoride debate is ramping up! Many of you may have been hearing that some cities and the CDC have decided to reduce the amount of fluoride they have been putting into our drinking water due to negative health effects on kids like dental fluorosis, hormone disruption, thyroid problems and other illnesses.

Recent studies have shown that fluoride is actually responsible for causing tooth decay as well as brain damage.  It destroys brain tissue and lowers IQ levels in kids even when administered at or below recommended levels.

What is fluoride and where does it come from? The particular fluorides used in the water supply are toxic, non biodegradable environmental pollutants officially classified as contaminants by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

All of the fluoride chemicals used in the US for water fluoridation are by- products of the fertilizer industry, glass productions and many others. Water fluoridation chemicals are raw industrial waste!

Proctor and Gamble, the manufactures of Crest, reportedly admitted that a “family size tube of their toothpaste contained enough sodium fluoride to kill a 20- 30 pound child.” WHAT??????????

Fluoride accumulates in the body like lead, inflicting it’s damage overlong periods of time. Fluoride is MORE toxic than lead and slightly lees toxic than arsenic. The amount of fluoride permitted in our water has been over 350 times the permitted lead level!

Children are exposed to fluoride, as are we, through fruit juices, toothpaste and special waters as well.

Welch Wellness

What can we do?
*Buy a good filter for your sink at home, a whole home filter system or special filters for your shower head that will filter out the fluoride and other toxins your body doesn’t need or want!
*Buy fluoride- free toothpaste like Tom’s of Maine and fluoride free mouthwash.
*Check labels when purchasing juice for kids and food products

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Fighting for a healthier world for our kids,
Gabrielle Welch, Welch Wellness

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