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Is your neighborhood getting together tonight for Texas Night Out?neighborhoodhouse Originally National Night Out was celebrated in August but due to the Texas heat and mosquito problem it was moved to October. Gathering with your neighbors this evening can help strengthen neighborhood spirit, police and community partnerships, heighten crime and drug prevention awareness and generate support for local anti-crime efforts. Plus it’s a great way to get out, enjoy the nice weather and meet your neighbors! mosquito magic

P.S. Don’t let the mosquitoes bite tonight! Pick up Mosquito Magic at the Motherhood Center! This all natural insect repellent creates an “Invisible Shield” chasing away mosquitoes, flies, gnats, bees, ticks, chiggers and fleas. It’s pediatrician tested & safe for the entire family. Choose from Mosquito Magic Wipes, Crystals or Clip-Ons at MHC and keep those pesky mosquitoes away!

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