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by: Mary Bratcher

Here at The Motherhood Center we are committed to the happiness and safety of your baby. This sunny season we have started carrying Supergoop Sun protection products. Supergoop is produced under the stringent guidelines for safety from chemicals set up by Healthy Child, Healthy World. They also have a commitment to formulas containing no parabens, petrochemicals, fragrances, or phthalates.

You can feel confident using Supergoop to protect your family from harmful sun exposure, and enjoy the ease of either traditional lotion or a convenient pre-moistened wipe. We have a variety of options in our Retail Store.
“SPF is an acronym for “Sun Protection Factor.” Sun protective products range from an SPF 2 to an SPF 60. The SPF factor refers to how much longer it will take the skin to burn with the specified SPF than it would take to burn with no protection at all.
For example, if your baby’s skin is very fair and would usually burn after 10 minutes in the sun and you use an SPF 15 product, it would take 2 and 1/2 hours (10 x 15 = 150 minutes) for the skin to burn. So, a higher SPF product provides longer lasting protection; however, you need to remember that the product wears off with sweat, water, clothing, food and so on.
Even if you use a product that technically offers your baby 3 or more hours of protection, you still need to reapply the product at least every 2 hours to be safe. Also keep in mind that an SPF 20, for example, will probably provide you longer lasting protection than it would for your baby as your baby’s skin is probably more fair than yours.”  -(Excerpt taken from Healthy Child, Healthy World)

Also, don’t forget that June 5-11 is Sun Safety Week! So stock up and have fun in the sun!

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