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Puj Tub … Making Bathing Baby Easier

By March 11, 2011December 16th, 2022No Comments

Hi! I’m Rachel McKenny and I’m the buyer for The Motherhood Center. I always have fun researching new products and talking to moms about their recommendations for us.


In my experience, the real retail experts are moms. Every mom wants the best for her baby and will tirelessly “test-drive” a ton of options until she finds the right one. Sound familiar? 😉


My goal is to minimize the need for moms to test drive. I’m here to help new (and experienced!) moms feel less overwhelmed by the maze of mom and baby stuff out there. Have you been to a Babies R Us lately? I get anxiety just walking in the front door- there is too much to look at! It can be intimidating (and my job is to know the products!)


I want to provide moms and babies with a smaller selection of items that have already been given the TMC Mommy Seal of Approval. Of course it’s an added bonus that most of our products are also recommended by our lactation consultant, newborn care educators, and baby nurses. If our TMC babies could talk, I think they’d be endorsing their favorites. Hmmm, maybe I should have our Baby Sign instructor, Mimi Vance, give me baby sign lessons so I can find out…


Each week I’ll be walking you through our shop and doing a short video focusing on a different item. I’d love to hear from moms who want to share their favorite products with me! You can email me at One of the best parts of my job is getting your valuable feedback!

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First up: The #1 Baby Product of 2010… the puj tub! It’s an innovative baby bathtub that stores flat- ideal for home and traveling.


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