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Preparing to Travel

By January 27, 2011No Comments

by: Emma Aguirre
January 24
Week 14

This weekend presents another challenge for us. We’re going out of town for the first time since my daughter was born. We’re only heading to San Antonio and we’re only going for one night so how bad can it be?

I began thinking about the practicalities of the trip; how much formula should I take? Should I just take the handy On The Go bottles rather than messing around with bottled water and powder formula? How many diapers should I take? What if she has an explosion? Weather and outfits? Should I take the First Aid kit just in case…but if I’m going down the “just in case” road…what else might I need?! I’ll have to pack extra wipes as I don’t plan on lugging the bathtub with us…the list is endless and I feel like I need to start getting things together…like, tomorrow!

As my mother pointed out, it’s not like we’re going to the moon. Be practical, but it’s no big deal if something is left behind. My daughter has already slept in her pack and play once (the one & only time she has slept in our room was the night of her two month shots. Call me a paranoid mom!) and she did great, so I’m not too worried about that. We’ll be meeting my folks in San Antonio and they will keep her in their hotel room to give us a night off (it’s part of our anniversary), and again, I’m not real worried about that either. We’ve spent one night away from her before and everyone did so well. Granted she was about six weeks old, and she’s more aware now, but still…she’s in the best hands & we will probably be in the room next to her.

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I’m planning to follow the “travel” rules as best I can, i.e. travel during naptime. I’m almost certain she’ll sleep for most of the drive there which will be great. So I’m not real nervous about that aspect either.

But something is irking me (besides the fact that I’m totally exhausted). I feel like I’ll have a hard time relaxing on this trip. I think I’m just anxious for it to be here already so we can just get her through it. People travel with babies all the time, much younger than my daughter and to further places, I know. I think what I’m most worried about is messing with the near-perfect routine we’re trying to nail. I do believe in flexibility and I don’t think one night is going to set us back. But I’m learning that when people mess with the routine I get really irritated. And there are several reasons. Mostly I just don’t like to see my daughter and I’s hard work ruined. After several issues, I’ve posted my daughter’s current routine on the fridge for the world to see. So that no matter which grandma is babysitting, we all know what’s expected at what time. So I might just have to fold that up and hand it over with my daughter and hope that it’s at least attempted…wish us luck!

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