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by: Gabriela Gerhart, Founder of The Motherhood Center


Labor Day is soon approaching and I’m sure many of you have exciting plans for the weekend. Being that I am around pregnant women on a daily basis, Labor Day reminds me of the physical labor a woman endures during childbirth and the importance of preparing for that day.

When talking about labor with clients I always tell them it is a process, similar to preparing for a marathon. If you decide to run a marathon with no preparation the outcome might be different than if you had prepared.

Preparing for labor includes having an emotional and physical understanding of what your body will endure. Regular exercise, hip opening stretches and strength training are very important in preparing for the “marathon” hours of labor. You will be amazed at what your body can do and your body will thank you!

A support system of friends, family or even a labor doula will help you to feel empowered, excited, and well prepared during your labor.

Everyone processes and handles labor differently. Having the knowledge of what to expect along with the physical endurance will allow you to have the best “Labor Day” possible

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