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by: Renee Bowling, RN, CBE
Newborn CareI recently watched the documentary called “Babies,” which show the stories of several different babies from around the world from birth to one year of age.  It shows that babies are just babies no matter where they are from.
Then I recently watched an old video from the Oprah Winfrey show that shows all babies speak the same language.  A women who has a special talent for memorizing different sounds discovered when she became a new mom that her baby talked to her.  She identified that all babies, no matter what language, culture, race, etc…all had 5 different sounds they make to communicate.  “NEH” = hungry; “HEH”= uncomfortable; “OWH”= sleepy; “EAIR”= lower gas  and “EH”= burp. Check it out in this video!
Imagine if all new parents were able to understand their baby’s language, how new parenthood would be less stressful and more confidence building. There is a DVD available to purchase on this baby language, which I have not viewed, but I would love to hear if anyone has used it and what they discovered.
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