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by: Mary Bratcher, Retail Manager
We have a fantastic announcement! BOON products are here at The Motherhood Center! We have everything from mobiles to eating utensils, drying racks to high chairs! After being posted on our Facebook page, our Boon items got instantaneous “likes”!
BOON offers utilitarian items with modern style. We have stocked up on feeding utensils for 4 months and up. This selection includes The Squirt-a baby food dispensing spoon, Benders- utensils that can be modified for little hands, and Groovy- plate, and shallow bowls that link together including utensils for more efficient portioning and eating. Also, we provide drop shipping on the Flair high chair with pneumatic lift and brake system. These are great items to pair with our Wean Green tempered glass cubes or our Itzy Ritzy snack bags!
When you are done with your utensils dry them on a fashionable Lawn-drying rack, and mount one of three mobiles in your child’s room! We have birds in color and white and a space theme mobile. All of them glow in the dark!
When readying for bath in the Naked-collapsible tub, pair with our Aden and Anais hooded towels and Baby Spa bath products. If having a bath in the big tub be prepared with your Frog Pod- it helps you keep essentials handy and provides a way to scoop up your toys after bath!
Come by and visit so we can show it all to you!
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