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Nap Nanny… Everybody Sleeps!

By March 18, 2011August 31st, 2021No Comments

by: Rachel McKenny

This week I am very excited to feature The Nap Nanny! It is absolutely one of my favorite products for baby. The idea behind The Nap Nanny is that babies often times prefer sleeping at an incline. If you’re already a mom, you may notice how your little one sleeps easily in the car seat.

The Nap Nanny mimics this idea by positioning your infant at a 30 degree angle. It’s made of high density foam and is superior to wedge pillows because it has a 40 degree angle at the feet to prevent baby from sliding. The incline is also successful in soothing babies with colic or reflux. The Nap Nanny covers are super plush and soft and your baby is able to sleep comfortably. And that means you are able to sleep too! What new mommy doesn’t want that? The Nap Nanny sleep aid also features a safety harness that keeps baby securely in place.

Parents of multiples can also benefit greatly from The Nap Nanny. It makes feeding time easier and will cuddle your babies when you wish you had more arms.

You may have heard about a recall involving The Nap Nanny this past summer. There are two versions of The Nap Nanny, Generation 1 and Generation 2. In June 2010, Generation 1 models were recalled. These are no longer on the market. The Generation 2 Model is the only model ever carried by The Motherhood Center. The biggest difference between the two is that the Gen2 model features D ring hooks on the foam that you can attach to Velcro straps on the inside of the cover. It ensures the cover stays in place on the foam when your baby moves around.

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The important thing to remember is that the Gen2 model is safe when used properly. The Nap Nanny should only be used on the floor; never in a crib, bed, or other elevated surface. The recall of the oldest model came about because The Nap Nanny was used in a crib.

After your baby gets a little older, you can utilize your Nap Nanny for tummy time, and then as a comfy recliner for your toddler to read books or watch TV. (There is no top end weight limit.)

When expecting or new moms ask me what products I consider to be must haves- The Nap Nanny is honestly in my top five. We all know parenting is extremely rewarding, but isn’t always easy. So why not take advantage of products that help make the journey a little smoother? Check out our video on The Nap Nanny:

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