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by: Rachel McKenny

There are tons of breastfeeding pillows on the market, so it can be hard to know what to choose. I even saw a few breastfeeding pillows on the shelf at the Walgreens by my house! Sure they were cheap, but why buy a pillow specifically for breastfeeding if it doesn’t do the job?
The purpose of a breastfeeding pillow is to help make breastfeeding easier for mom and baby. This is why My Brest Friend is the pillow recommended by lactation consultants (including TMC’s own lactation consultant). Yes, the name is super cheesy, but the product is the real deal. A breastfeeding pillow shouldn’t be fluffy- My Brest Friend is firm and the front cushion is flat; eliminating the gap between you and your baby. This is important for maintaining an ideal position and proper latch-on because it keeps your baby from rolling into your body or away during feeding.
My Brest Friend pillow has a unique, wrap around design which is secured to your body. The back rest helps you maintain good posture during feeding, which helps prevent your back and neck from getting sore. The arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress, and the top of the pillow has little head rests on each side for your baby to help you place him in the best position.
The adjustable strap has Velcro for easy on, and a silent release buckle for easy off- so you don’t disturb your sleeping baby. There is a little pocket attached to the front of the pillow for you to use for accessories, and the cotton cover is removable for easy washing. The pillows come in a variety of cute prints and retail for $42.00. Check on this week’s video on My Brest Friend:

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