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Since ancient times, and all over the world, people have used a squatting position when toileting.  Here in America it is difficult to assume anything near this position on the sitting toilets that are commonplace. There are gadgets on the market, but there is one item that stands out.  By working to help expectant moms into a more squat like position as well as helping children who are potty training to have toileting success, the Little Looster is a product that truly lasts from pregnancy to parenting.

The Little Looster was designed to help children that are potty training without the inconveniences of traditional little potties. It wraps around the toilet in a space saving way, and is an easy-to-clean plastic. Children will have no more fear of “falling off” the toilet or a stool. This makes it the perfect gift not only when mom is expecting, but it’s life extends into the childhood years of toilet training.

The Little Looster is about 8 inches tall, allowing for an adult to use it in a way that elevates the feet and helps to place the adult body into a semi-squatting position. There are many benefits to squatting for toilet use including;

  • Prevents pelvic floor prolapse
  • Prevents strain that causes Hemorrhoids
  • Eases abdominal pressure
  • Protects Appendix and small intestine from pressure
  • Waste elimination is quicker, easier, and more complete
  • Prevents Constipation
  • Helps develop flexibility for birth

The versatility of The Little Looster makes it a perfect gift for an expecting mom, since it’s usefulness extends into the childhood years of toilet training. Pick up your Little Looster at the Motherhood Center retail store today!

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Little Looster for potty training

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