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KPRC Features Our Bounce Back After Baby Class Motherhood Center Houst Post natal fitness - Motherhood Center

When it comes to helping your post-baby body heal, postnatal fitness is incredibly beneficial. Our signature Bounce Back After Baby Fitness Series is specially designed to do just that.

KPRC Houston recently joined us during one of our classes to discuss postnatal fitness.

The Bounce Back After Baby Fitness Series is a dynamic fitness series that focuses on the many body changes that come with pregnancy, childbirth, and having a new baby. With a focus on mindfulness and meditation, the class incorporates both yoga and pilates techniques in combination with breathing exercises to bring strength and recovery to the back, pelvic floor, and abdominal/core muscles. The class will also use a variety of tools to improve proper body awareness/mechanics and will address the many concerns that arise post-childbirth, including: coping with the baby blues, cesarean recovery, prolapsed uterus, diastasis recti, and weight concerns — as suited to the enrolled students’ individual needs.

This postpartum workshop consists of 2 one-hour classes per week for 6 weeks and is for committed moms who are at a minimum of 6 weeks postpartum with clearance from health care provider.

Need a sitter? When you enroll in our Bounce Back After Baby Fitness Series, you’ll receive $20 off of our babysitting services (booked during Bounce Back hours). Call us to learn more!

For registration information, see here.


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