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by: A Motherhood Center client

As we all know, the decision to approach pregnancy and start a family shouldn’t be taken lightly, though many times it is.

For me, when we decided to pursue pregnancy, my mind completely shifted. Thinking about pregnancy and precautionary measures has become a full time head space. All of a sudden when you are starting to take a sip of wine or eat some unpasteurized cheese, you begin to think…could I be pregnant? Is this safe? In reality you do not find out until a few weeks later that you have been pregnant, and you want to be sure you were safe in those early weeks.

Since I was 19, I have been on birth control, now I am in my 30’s. I have never had to think about being pregnant or even the possibility.

So now that we have decided to begin the process, I need to treat my body as if i am possibly pregnant. This includes taking care of myself. We all know the adage “If you do not take care of yourself, how can you expect to take care of others?” I am really feeling this now. As I begin to take more responsibility for my well being, it will be that exact responsibility that carries me into the role of healthy mother-to-be and subsequently healthy mother.

I have begun to cultivate the following good habits that will ready my body, quiet my mind, and help me to be ready:

*Eating more healthy


*Taking my Prenatal vitamins

*Beginning dialogues with friends about pregnancy and parenthood, readying myself by creating a support system

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*Avoiding alcohol

*Resting when I can

*Taking measures to lessen my stress

I have also taken the following steps to be sure I am making my pregnancy journey as smooth as possible:

*Interviewing Practitioners

*Learning about Pregnancy

*Visiting my Dentist, healthy oral health is important for moms to be

Join me as I embark on the journey from preconception to what lay ahead.

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