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By: Stephanie Duhon

“It’s “bah-bah” time!” exclaimed my 2-year-old daughter, Nicole, as we drove up to The Motherhood Center for our first Prelude Music class of the semester.

Nicole LOVES to listen and dance to music. Her daddy plays piano and guitar, so she has been exposed to music since before she was born. In fact, my husband used to sing to her while she was still in my belly and she would kick or move around in response!

So it’s no surprise that Nicole feels right at home in a Prelude Music class, where we learn the Music Together® curriculum. This is our third semester of the program and she becomes more comfortable with the class and format each session. We listen to our Music Together® CDs pretty much every day, especially in the car. If my husband or I put the radio on, it takes less than a minute for Nicole to request her “bah-bah” CD! If we are at home, she specifically asks for the “spin around” songs, or the upbeat ones, so she can dance in a circle. I know that I, for one, am thankful for multiple collections of Music Together so that we can switch out the CDs every now and then!

If you’re wondering why she calls her Music Together CDs “bah-bah” … it comes from a tonal pattern she picked up during our first semester. She was just learning some words and phrases and “bah-bah” was how she related to the classes. Now she can ask for the CD itself, but often just says she wants to dance to “bah-bah” since she knows I understand what she wants!

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The first day of the Fall semester did not disappoint. I think the Fiddle collection just might be my favorite so far, and I haven’t even heard the entire CD yet! I grew up in South Louisiana, so hearing the fiddle makes me feel at home. One of the first songs we sang was “Crawdad.”What a fun and upbeat song! In the past, Nicole would usually just observe on the first day since the songs are unfamiliar, but this time, she seemed more comfortable and danced a little bit. Not as much as she dances at home, but more than she has before in the first class of a session.

I think Nicole’s favorite song from the first class was “Apples and Cherries.”She loves fruit and got really excited and was trying to tell Ms. Emily how much she loves blueberries and strawberries as we sang the song! I appreciate how the songs are so relatable to the children.

I know we’ll be hearing a lot of “bah-bah” this week as we get to know the songs from the Music TogetherFiddle collection. Can’t wait for next week’s class!

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