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Finding the Right Nanny for Your Family

There’s a reason why busy executives and professional parents contact a nanny agency to help them find one or multiple nannies. Because we know what it takes to find a nanny that compliments a family’s lifestyle and needs. For years we have been placing experienced nannies in the River Oaks, Bellaire, West U, Boulevard Oaks, the Heights, and Memorial area neighborhoods to name just a few.

Our clients are executives, physicians, business professionals, and at-home moms with high-profile leadership positions. They rely on them to be punctual, flexible, and nurturing to their family. They demand superior domestic help and we deliver.

We know that the right person is a valuable extension of the family, and finding the perfect baby caregiver is about combining the needs of the family today while keeping consideration of the skills for tomorrow as your child grows. For almost 2 decades we have also placed specialized nannies such as house managers, child educators, newborn care specialists, and personal assistants.

Contact us to help you find the perfect match for your family should you need a full-time (more than 35 hours/week), part-time (30 to 34 hours/week), or temporary nanny.

Available Placements

Nanny Placement in Houston

We know that the right person is a valuable extension of the family. Finding the perfect baby caregiver is about combining the needs of the family today while keeping in mind what skills will be required tomorrow as your child grows. Our process for matching you with the perfect nanny for your family’s needs requires care, dedication, and a deep understanding of everything from schedules to the intangible aspects of family life. We give careful attention to these details to ensure that you are matched with a caregiver that will make your family feel comfortable and cared for.

Duties & Details:

  • Care for children in the household
  • Experience implementing child development activities
  • Special training in early childhood development
  • Daily part-time or full-time
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Family Assistant Placement in Houston

The position of a family assistant is similar to a house manager but will not require management of household staff or a frequent focus on household maintenance. The family assistant is a fusion of multiple positions to cater to the family wherever help is needed to keep the household and the family’s lives functioning easily and efficiently. It is an all-encompassing position that requires the individual to be proactive and seek out ways to simplify the family’s life while adhering to the requests made of them.

Duties & Details:

  • Care for children in the household
  • Drive the children to activities
  • Cook for the family
  • Run errands
  • Upkeep of the family’s schedule and appointments
  • Light housekeeping
  • Administrative tasks related to personal or business lives
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House Manager Placement in Houston

The position of a House Manager is new to the market and still evolving. In this role, the House Manager orchestrates the responsibilities of household duties as well as the needs of the family itself. Since each family has their own unique needs, it’s important to define what those are in order to find a qualified candidate to meet them. Duties will vary from family to family based on specific requirements, but can be broadly defined by three categories: Focus on Childcare, Focus on Maintenance of the Home, Focus on Management of Household Staff and Family Activities.
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Governess Placement in Houston

A governess is a specialized subset of Nannies who focus primarily on a child’s educational development. They should have full educational credentials and certifications in addition to experience in both education and childcare. Families who travel often value having a governess because it gives them the flexibility of being able to do so without interrupting the children’s education. A governess can also be responsible for non-educational tasks as well. The hours of a Governess can vary, from a few hours a week to up to 12 hours a day depending on the needs of a family. Sometimes a governess can even be employed on an on-call basis.

Duties & Details:

Help with schoolwork and act as a tutor for the children
Confer with teachers if the family has given authority
Prepare lessons and organize timetable for coursework
Arrange educational outings
Keep the children’s workroom clean and organized
Prepare meals for children
Do the children’s laundry
Bathe and dress the children
Keep the house tidy for the family
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Steps to Begin Your Search


Contact Us

Call us at 713-963-8880 or submit the form below to learn more about your needs and the type of person that you are looking for. Plus it will give you an opportunity to learn about our nanny services, our experience, and our engagement process we use in finding the perfect caregiver for your family.

Family Application

After the initial call, should you choose to partner with Motherhood Center’s Nanny Placement Agency we will send you an Online Family Application to explore in more detail your specific need, considerations, and qualifications for the child specialist you are looking to hire. If you don’t know exactly what you need, we will help guide you through the options.

Phone Consultation

After we review your Family Application we will contact you for a phone consultation. During this call, our clients experience our knowledge and value as we guide and ask additional questions to identify an ideal candidate for our client.

Nanny Agreement and Search Fee

To begin a nanny search, a family must submit the Nanny Placement Agreement with the Fee Schedule and initial search fee.

We would love to hear from you!
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