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by: Gabrielle Welch, Welch Wellness

1. Feed your kids something healthy BEFORE going out to trick or treat, like fruit to curb their sweet tooth.
2. Buy alternatives to candy to distribute like pretzels or something non- food related but fun and inexpensive, like a glowing pumpkin necklace from Oriental Trading!
3. Agree as a family BEFORE trick or treating begins on what will happen to the candy once it is brought home to prevent battles late in the evening or later that week.
4. Talk to your kids about what sugar does to their bodies and explain the importance of taking care of themselves.

List of Sugar-free Halloween Treats

You want to give your children some candy free alternatives for Halloween. Don’t get stumped! Here are lots of low sugar and sugar free ideas for you to give to trick or treaters. Enjoy a healthy Halloween without all the sugar. (or at least a reasonable
amount!) Here are the top low sugar and candy free trick or treat ideas for Halloween.

Sugarless Foods Halloween Treat:

• Snack size package of popcorn
• Individually wrapped organic Tea for kids
• All natural juice boxes
• Organic apple sauce snack packs
• Fruit leather
• All natural snack bars (Cascadian Farms, Health Valley)
• Bare Fruit trial size packs
• Boxes of organic raisins
• 100% honey sticks -do not give to children under 2 years old
• Raw or roasted nuts (check with parents regarding allergies)
• Low sugar, organic or all natural fruit roll ups
• Trial size packs of dried veggie chips
• All natural, low sugar granola/breakfast bars
• Trial/snack sized bags of rice, seeded or flax crackers
• Individually wrapped pumpkin seed treats

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Halloween Novelty Toys – Alternative Treat Ideas:
• Eyeball or colored bouncy balls or superballs
• Toy puzzle
• Rubber spiders
• Glow in the dark insects
• Slinky
• Slime
• Pumpkin yo-yos
• Glow in the Dark Sticky Hands
• Glow Ball
• Pumpkin or plain noise drums
• Jumping mini plastic spiders
• Glow Extending Hands
• Twisty Flying Spinners
• Mini plastic orange and black Magic Tops
• Glow-sticks
• Miniature magnifying glasses
• Fake money
• Halloween poppers

Fun Arts and Crafts Items for Trick or Treaters:
• Stickers
• Individual packets of crayons
• Individual packets of chalk
• Small jar of play-do
• Origami paper & instructions
• Halloween magic pads
• Halloween stamps
• Halloween mini coloring books

Games and Activity Ideas:
• Jump rope
• Jacks
• Plastic squirt gun
• Halloween character or plain paddle ball
• Tiny decks of cards
• Bubbles
• Halloween hand clappers
• Halloween fun and game books
• Halloween slide puzzles
• Halloween mini pinball
• Black and orange plastic flutes
• Halloween Mini Clackers
• Halloween Tic Tac Toe
• Halloween mini stencils
• Mini plastic orange and black Ball & Cup Games

Costume Fun:
• Slimy necklaces
• Temporary tattoos
• Vampire teeth
• False teeth
• Plastic halloween bracelets
• Green glo bracelets
• Decoder rings
• Glow in the dark necklaces

(Adapted from Chef Solus)

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