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Hair Color and Pregnancy – Is it safe?

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How many times have you heard someone say that a pregnant woman has “that glow”?  It’s all because of the surge of hormones that are running through her body.  It allows for her skin to be clear and flawless.  Her nails to become stronger and longer, and her hair to be thick and shiny.  I will also add that her hair grows like crazy!   Which leads to the question that most expectant moms or women that are planning to conceive ask their stylist, Google or both. “Is it safe to color my hair when I’m expecting?”

Today’s Blog will focus on beauty.  The Motherhood Center’s Guest Q&A will discuss hair color do’s and don’ts for pregnant women and new moms.  Our guest expert is Sarah Schindler, a Stylist at The Upper Hand Salon {River Oaks | Royal Oaks}.  She’s been coloring and styling hair for over nine years and is very familiar with the concerns pregnant women have when it comes to coloring and styling.

Sarah Schindler Upper Hand1

Q:  What is the most common question you get from women that are expecting?

The number one question my client’s always ask me is if they can continue coloring their hair during their pregnancy.  They want to make sure that the chemicals in the hair color will not harm their baby.  I always tell my clients that it comes down to their comfort level and personal choice.  From a colorist standpoint, it’s safe to use ammonia free color.  I always suggest that they speak with their physician and make a decision that they are comfortable with.  Some choose to forgo during their entire pregnancy, some don’t skip and beat and continue coloring, and some go by the standard rule of thumb and decide to hold off color during their first trimester.

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Q:  Tell me a bit more about Ammonia based color and Ammonia free color.

Ammonia-based color has been the salon’s go-to color for years, and it is still available for colorists to use.  It creates a stronger bond between the color and hair follicle, and that is why some stylists continue to use it for women that have hard to color hair or want a deeper absorption.

It’s fair to note that ammonia free products are just as effective as Ammonia based products.  It really is more about the professional choice of the stylist along with the philosophy of the salon.  Here at The Upper Hand we believe in providing products that are friendly to the environment and safe for our clients.  Ammonia free color is safe and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

Q:  What are the top Ammonia free brands?

  • Nectaya Gold Well Ammonia Free 
  • Loreal Professional INOA

Q:  Is there a difference with chemical contact for highlights versus all over color?

Yes.  Highlight color does not come into direct contact with the skin.  The color is applied to the hair and is surrounded in foil therefore the chemical never touches the skin.  That is why some women that have highlights may feel more comfortable to continue their regular schedule of color application.  In contrast, with all over color the color comes in direct contact with skin.  The color is applied directly on the hair’s roots to cover the new growth of hair which requires the chemical to touch the scalp.  Therefore, women that require a touch up every couple of months to cover grey or darker roots are more noticeably concerned about the safety of hair color.

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Q:  How would you know if your salon carries Ammonia free color?

It’s very common practice nowadays for most salons, I would say probably about 90% of salons routinely use ammonia free color, and definitely high-end salons. Simply ask the salon what type of color they carry, Ammonia Free or Ammonia Based.

Q:  What’s the best way to discuss pregnancy and hair color concerns with your stylist?

If you are a regular color client either call them or book for a consultation to talk about your concerns rather than booking your regular color appointment.  You do have different options, permanent, non-permanent, and demi-permanent, and your stylist will be happy to walk you through how those options with your type of color to make adjustments to the color.  Remember, your hormones may change the way your hair reacts to the color.  It is not uncommon for your hair to be darker and pull more red or golden tones.  Let your stylist know so she/he can accommodate for the best color results.  The most important conversation should be the fact that you are expecting or planning to conceive and want to make sure they use Ammonia free color.

Q:  What would be your advice if a mom chooses to color during her pregnancy?

Whether a client chooses to color her hair or not, I always discuss their final appointment before their “big day”.  I want to make sure that we schedule in advance, and account for weeks or months before their due based on their routine appointment.  Some women forget that they can go into labor weeks before their due date, and I want to make sure they look their very best for all those pictures that will be taken after the baby arrives.  I also advise my clients to not make any drastic changes during pregnancy and post pregnancy.  Many women are feeling vulnerable and want something they can control, and they feel a haircut or color will provide comfort.  During pregnancy the hair texture and type changes as well as their face shape which is outside of their normal appearance. I encourage them to wait until a few months post pregnancy once they are more sure of what type of color or cut suites her new schedule.

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Q:  What are some of the current Spring trends for Moms right now?

The long bob.  That has been what most of our clients are asking for.  The surprise for me this year – bangs.  It seems to be making a comeback.

{A little bit about Sarah}

Sarah Schindler Upper Hand1Sarah Schindler has been working at The Upper Hand {River Oaks} Salon for over nine years.  She discovered her passion for cutting and styling hair when she was in high school (all her girlfriends went to her to for highlights and color), and then she thought it was a great way to make a living!  When she’s not making women fashionable with great hair she loves to be outdoors hiking, gardening, camping and hanging out with her husband.

Sarah is available for appointments or to discuss your hair color needs while pregnant or if you are looking for a new style.

To schedule and appointment with Sarah –>  Cal the Salon @ 713.520.0772 or shoot her an email:

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