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by: Mary Bratcher, Baby Planner, The Motherhood Center

Growing up is fun, and as a result there will be many exciting Birthday parties to attend! This is especially true when friends are made at the children’s classes we offer right here at The Motherhood Center!

Here are a few tips to make Birthdays and other special occasions that much more awesome!

1. Need to get something special? Want a fun, hot gift idea or even two? Be sure to shop where the salespeople are knowledgeable. Here at TMC we have trained Baby Planners who know what the best gifts are from birth to beyond. Our  retail store at Motherhood Center is also packed with items endorsed and recommended by our much adored instructors, as well as time tested favorites of young children everywhere!

2. Have you found a gift that was well received? The odds are that others will want to receive it as well! Not to mention, with small children, many like to receive and play with similar items. This also keeps a level playing field, no child will feel as though they received something “worse” or “smaller” that the last friend did. This couldn’t be truer than with siblings. Try a variation on the same item, ie: finger puppets that are different animals or a fun shirt in two different colors.

3. Skip the extra time and money to gift wrap and choose a place that can get it done for you. There are many great places that gift wrap like major department stores, most book stores and of course The Motherhood Center! There is such ease in knowing that your gift is ready to go, there is no planning beyond the purchase other than giving it to the happy recipient.

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4. Keep spare gifts on hand. I crochet and knit baby blankets ahead of time for showers, and keep them with my wrapping paper and additional greeting cards. For babies I suggest Sophie the Giraffe, or a sassy baby bathrobe. Small children always get musical gifts from me. A set of drums, or rhythm sticks ignite the imagination and boost motor skills. Last but not least the Rody blow up horse can either be paired with a base for smaller children, or blown up by itself to accommodate the playtime of an older child.

5.) Have your party at a fun place! Parties at home are personal, but clean up is a hassle. Not to mention with little ones the house has to be “prepared” for inquisitive children. Having your party outside of the home is a great idea. There are many places that have rooms for party rental that include tables chairs and clean up! You just come, decorate, and have fun! You may want to consider The Motherhood Center for your next party, be it for children, or an adults only soirée. Call our Center for availability and pricing. 713-963-8880

Make fun your #1 and party down!

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