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Grandparent Refresher Class: 11 Life-Changing Benefits That Will Make You Rethink How Much You Value Your Role

Whether this is your first time being a grandparent or you have been one for years, your role is essential. You are not simply a babysitter or someone to spoil your grandchildren rotten (although those things are important too!). Instead, you are a teacher, a role model, and a source of wisdom and love.

However, the changing dynamics of modern life can make it challenging to keep up with the latest trends and developments related to infants and childcare. Therefore, grandparent refresher classes exist.

But how can you be sure that attending one is the right choice for you? What does a grandparent refresher class exactly entail? Let us figure it all out!

What Exactly is a Grandparent Refresher Class?

A grandparent refresher class is a course that aims to help grandparents feel more confident and comfortable in their role. It covers assorted topics related to infant care, development, and safety.

Many grandparent courses are offered by hospitals, community organizations, or even online institutions. They are usually conducted in small groups or even one-on-one sessions so that grandparents can get personalized attention and support from experienced educators and caregivers.

Who Is It For?

A grandparent refresher class is perfect for any expectant grandparent because it focuses on how to best support and care for your grandchild in the earliest stages of life. Nonetheless, it is also a great resource for grandparents who are already in the thick of it, as classes can help you stay up to date with the changes in best practices for infant care.

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Why Should I Enroll in a Grandparent Refresher Class?

While the aim of a grandparent refresher class is clear and straightforward, some may still find it hard to see the value of attending one. So, let us explore some of the benefits grandparents like you can enjoy by enrolling in such a class.

1)   It is a Great Way to Have Fun While Learning and Connecting with Others

Attending a grandparent refresher class can be a fun experience. It is not usually as formal as other educational courses. They are designed not to bore you with wordy lectures or dry topics but to engage you in firsthand activities and interesting discussions.

2)   It Teaches You How to Oversee Challenging Situations

Whether you are expecting your first grandchild or about 10 years since you last held a baby in your arms, things can get tricky. That is when grandparents need resources that will help them deal with everyday difficulties and obstacles, such as dealing with a crying baby or knowing what is safe and what is not when it comes to your grandchild’s health and development.

3)   It Allows You to Support your Child in Their Parenting Journey

Grandparenting refresher classes do not only prepare you for your role as a grandparent. They also help prepare you to support your child in their parenting journey. You are their confidant, moral support, and their most trusted advisor when raising a child.

4)   It Teaches You Important Skills for Safely Caring for Your Grandchild

While you may already be a pro when it comes to raising a child, there are still a lot of skills you can learn from professionals and your fellow grandparents. This can include learning how to protect your grandchild from common dangers and health risks and gaining tips for effective soothing techniques and positive reinforcement.

5)   It Helps Keep You Physically and Mentally Active

It becomes increasingly important to find ways to keep our minds and bodies active as we age. Attending grandparent’s refresher classes can help you do just that! Of course, you will get to move around and stay physically active. Still, you will also socialize and engage your mind in exciting discussions and activities.

6)   It Gives You a Better Grasp of Today’s Parenting Practices

Most arguments or disagreements between parents and grandparents stem from their different parenting styles. While you may have successfully raised your child to be the unique person, they are today using the methods and techniques you know best, times have changed, and so have parents’ expectations and standards.

A grandparents refresher class will help you learn about the latest parenting practices so that you can avoid any conflict with your child and support them in the best way possible. This will also be helpful in your relationship with your grandchild as you will be able to relate to their needs and development more effectively.

7)   It Reminds You of How Valuable Your Role Is

In case no one has told you yet today, grandparents like you are essential to their grandchildren. Whether through babysitting, helping with schoolwork, or simply providing emotional support and guidance, grandparents help shape their grandchildren’s future and ensure they grow up to be happy, healthy adults.

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And in grandparent refresher classes, your fellow grandparents, and their stories, and your own, will serve as an excellent reminder for one another of how valuable and impactful your role really is.

8)   It Provides a Much-Needed Break from Your Everyday Life

Most grandparent refresher classes are done onsite and for a set period. This means that it can serve as a much-needed break from your usual routine and give you some time to relax and rejuvenate. It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget to take some time for yourself but attending a grandparent refresher class can help you change that.

9)   It Helps You Stay Connected to Your Grandchildren

As grandparents, we know that the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is significant and unique. Attending grandparent refresher classes can help you stay connected to your grandchild by providing new activities, ideas, and resources that you can use to bond with them as they grow.

10)  It Gives You a Support System of Other grandparents

Because you will get to meet other grandparents in the same stage of life as you, grandparent refresher classes can also serve as a beautiful way to build new friendships and relationships with people who share similar experiences and challenges.

Whether you are looking for tips on keeping your grandchild safe, guidance on healthy eating habits, or just someone to talk to about the difficulties of grandparenting, you are sure to find it in a grandparent refresher class.

11)  It Empowers You to Be the Best Grandparent You Can Be

Finally, grandparent’s refresher class will leave you feeling empowered and motivated to be the best grandparent. You will walk away with renewed energy and a better understanding of the vital role you play in your grandchild’s life, and a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to be a fantastic grandparent.

What Should I Expect from a Grandparents Refresher Class?

How can a grandparent refresher class benefit a grandparent like you? Here are some of the things you can expect from most grandparent refresher classes:

1)   The Basics of Infant Care & Safety

As mentioned, the focus of grandparent refresher classes is typically on infant care and safety. You will learn about everything from feeding, sleeping, and bathing to preventing injuries and protecting the infant in your care.

2)   The Importance of Skin-to-skin Contact

Skin-to-skin contact is a practice known to be beneficial for both the infant and their mother. It provides advantages such as calming the baby, stimulating digestion, lowering heart rate, and even regulating breathing. And whether you will be managing your child’s newborn or simply want to support them in the initial stages of motherhood, grandparent’s refresher classes can teach you everything you need to know about skin-to-skin contact and how it should be practiced.

3)   How to Soothe a Fussy Baby

As grandparents, you may also be tasked with soothing a fussy baby. And while parents often have access to different tools and methods for doing so, grandparents may not have the same luxury. This is where grandparent’s refresher classes can come in handy. You will be taught different techniques for soothing a baby suffering from colic or gas pain and how to stay calm in the process.

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4)   The Latest Parenting Practices and Trends

Parenting in the 21st century often looks different from how it looked in the past, and grandparent refresher classes can help you stay updated with the latest parenting practices and trends. From co-sleeping and baby-wearing to using reusable diapers and making your own baby food, you will learn how parents care for their children today.

5)   The Baby’s Nutrition and Mealtime Schedule

In addition to the latest parenting trends, grandparent refresher classes will teach you about a baby’s nutrition and mealtime schedule. You will learn about the various stages of solid food introduction and how to create a healthy and balanced diet for your grandchild.

6)   The Do’s and Don’ts of Sleep Training

One of the most challenging parts of a baby’s early months is lack of sleep, both for the baby and the parents. Grandparent refresher classes will provide you with tips and advice on how to help your grandchild learn healthy sleep habits and overcome any challenges they may face in the sleep department, such as sleep regressions, separation anxiety, and more.

7)   Babyproofing Your Home

Your home must be a haven for your grandchild, and grandparents’ refresher classes will teach you how to babyproof it accordingly. From electrical outlets and stairs to windows and doors, you will learn about all the different areas of your home that need to be made safe for a baby and how to do so.

8)   Tips for Bonding with a Preschooler or Toddler

While most grandparent’s refresher classes are geared towards grandparents of infants, some cater to grandparents with preschoolers or toddlers. These courses will provide you with tips and advice on how to bond with your grandchild and manage different challenges that may arise, such as tantrums and separation anxiety when they start schooling.


How Do I Make the Most of My Grandparent’s Refresher Class Experience?

So, apart from absorbing all the lessons, you can get from your grandparents’ refresher class, how do you make sure it is worth your every second? Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience:

1)   Interact with Your Fellow Grandmas & Grandpas

It is not every day you meet other grandparents in your area, so take advantage of the opportunity. Interact with your fellow grandparents and build a community around you. Of course, this will help you learn more from your grandparents’ refresher class. Still, it will also provide valuable insight into how other grandparents are approaching parenthood.

2)   Ask Questions

This is your chance to ask about all your critical issues about parenting and grandparents. Do not be afraid to speak up and voice any concerns you may have, as the more questions you ask, the more you will learn.

3)   Take Notes

Although most grandparents’ refresher classes will provide you with a booklet of information to help you remember everything you have learned, it is a clever idea to take notes during the course. Hence, you have something to refer to. Whether jotting down key points or taking photos of essential slides, having a physical record of the class will be extremely helpful.

4)   Do not Forget to Have Fun

Your definition of Fun may be different than others. Still, we are sure you will find an opportunity to have some of it during your grandparents’ refresher class. Whether it is chatting with other grandparents or trying out a new parenting skill, taking the time to enjoy yourself is just as important as everything else.

Ready To Level Up Your Grandparenting Experience?

We hope this guide has helped you better understand what grandparent refresher classes they are about and how can help you become a more informed and confident grandparent. We know how valuable your role is, and we believe that taking such an opportunity will only make it much more so.

So go ahead and sign up for a grandparent’s refresher class today! Have a chat with our staff if you have any questions, and we wish you all the best on your journey!

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