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Abbey Donnell has created a veritable breast-pumping heaven in the newly opened Work & Mother. Work & Mother is a fully equipped, luxury pumping experience (or as luxurious as milking yourself can be).

Horrified by stories of working moms forced to pump in supply closets, bathrooms, common spaces, and walked-in on, Donnell created a space where moms can pump in peace and privacy.

Situated in downtown Houston (more locations to come!), W&M is a fantastic option for pumping moms who work in the vicinity.

Just check out their list of amenities:

  • Private rooms & lounge-style stations
  • Hospital-grade pumps & accessories
  • Lockers
  • Equipment cleaning stations
  • Shields, ointments, and nursing pads
  • Ice machine & to-go bags for milk storage
  • Refrigerated storage onsite
  • Online/App room reservation capabilities
  • On-demand lactation consultants
  • Beverages

Motherhood Center founder Gabriela Gerhart visited Work & Mother shortly after their grand opening and was treated to an all access, behind the scenes tour by Donnell:

Returning to work after pushing a human being out of your body, adjusting to motherhood, learning your way around your fabulous new mom bod, lining up childcare, breastfeeding support, schedules, self-care, and sleep is already Pumping to feed your baby should be easy, not an additional stressor.

Hats off to Donnell and Work & Mother!


If you’re in need of expert, vetted, trained childcare or a night nanny so that maybe you can get some sleep once in a while, Motherhood Center is here to help. We also provide hospital-grade breast pump rentals and have an a-mazing on-call Lactation Consultant. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to foster motherhood.

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