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Motherhood Center founder Gabriela Gerhart and Dena Rogge, instructor of Motherhood Center’s Grandparent Refresher Course, joined Houston’s The Eagle (106.9 and 107.5) to discuss the upcoming class!

From The Eagle:

Guests were Gabriela Gerhart, President and Founder of Motherhood Center, and Dena Rogge, instructor of the grandparent refresher class. We talked about how grandparenting classes can help get new grandparents up to date on current baby care practices. We talked about Safe sleep guidelines and SIDS prevention, Tummy time, nutrition, breastfeeding, Crying & Comforting (Including Dr. Karp’s 5 S’s) Newborn Health, Umbilical cord and circumcision care. We talked about changes and best practices of general newborn care tips such as diaper changing, umbilical cord care and sponge baths are all covered in the grandparent class.

For more information on our upcoming Grandparent Refresher Class.


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