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by: Emma Aguirre

My daughter chews more on the label of toys than the actual toy itself. This morning she found the label of the baby gym that (I thought) was hidden underneath the entire thing. She has many dangling things to chew on and hit…but she chose the label. Go figure. She also loves the TV remote right now.

She lies on our wood floor, sticks her feet in the air and then smacks them back down. You would think this would hurt her feet. Not so. She thinks it’s hysterical.

As a newborn she would always, without a doubt, spit up on a navy blue Ralph Lauren Polo onesie, which I loved, usually before we had left the house. It was like she hated this one, particular onesie and did it to spite me.

She’ll giggle at a face or a sound we make one day, but the next, she’ll look at us like we’re crazy. This is particularly embarrassing in public.

Why oh why must she try to cram both of her hands and feet in her mouth while eating?

They pee, diaper or not. Sometimes poop. And sometimes, it gets you when you least expect it. My daughter “christened” my husband before we had even left the hospital, and she also got me once while I was putting her in the bath, so pretty mild by comparison. At the new mommy chat Tuesday, one mom was in a real pickle; her three month old had peed all over her and all over himself, while she was in the process of changing him. It was everywhere. So when she yelled out “emergency!” those of us who were left dived in with wipes, Kleenex and towels. And it was her birthday too, poor thing! I’ve also had a friend who had to leave a restaurant after her daughter pooped so much it leaked all over the high chair. Hey, it happens…

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They cry at strangers. The funny thing is, I used to be one of those strangers that would usually make babies cry. Obviously not intentionally, but I just wasn’t warm and fuzzy and they could sense that. Babies made me break out in hives – they smell fear. My daughter’s not too bad, she’s pretty happy and smiley for the most part, but she’s certainly had her moments (one included her grandma!).

More often, they cry at the pediatrician’s before they’ve even pulled out a needle! It’s pretty standard that no matter what time I schedule my daughter’s appointments for she a) is hungrier than she’s ever been in her life (making me look like I haven’t fed my child!) b) takes the biggest poop of her life that requires the emergency change of clothes and/or c) cries like she’s being tortured from the second we step into the office.

How do they manage do get out of a swaddle, or end up wriggling to the other end of the crib, or both? What do they DO at night?!

While indeed these quirks can be funny/embarrassing/slightly weird, they make our babies totally lovable and completely unique. I adore watching these quirks develop and everyday she does something new and different. I get such a kick out of watching her. As well as learning about patience, perspective and complete, unconditional love, I have learned that a sense of humor is so important as a new mom. It can be gross and terrifying and messy and sometimes, you throw your hands up and yell, “emergency”…and that’s ok. You’ll look back and laugh about it one day.

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