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Finding a babysitter, a baby doula or a professional, in-home nanny can be a daunting task. Especially if you are new to town and do not have family members close by or friends who can make trusted recommendations. This is why many families turn to the Motherhood Center in Houston for these services.

Arriving in Houston from cities like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, it is unlikely that – as a family – you have a complete picture of your family’s needs. Whether it be a babysitter at a moment’s notice or to cover a gap while your family is transitioning into new jobs or moving. As your family grows, you may need a more permanent solution with a professional nanny.

Whatever your needs, it is imperative that the babysitter you choose has been extensively screened, interviewed, and had a thorough background check. They should be CPR certified and understand the standards of professional childcare such as those offered by the Motherhood Center in Houston.

Another important benefit of turning to the Motherhood Center for support is that most of our babysitters are “Nannies-in-Waiting.” That means your child will benefit from being taken care of by nannies that are looking for long-term families. As a parent, that means you know they are experts in child care with a desire to find permanent nanny placement when and if your family needs it in the future.

A permanent situation can comprise of everything from a live-in nanny, or multiple live-out nannies, full-time or part-time to fit your family’s lifestyle and needs. At the Motherhood Center, we have connected babysitters and placed nannies for families from around the world who have settled in the River Oaks, Bellaire, West U, Boulevard Oaks, The Heights, and Memorial area neighborhoods to name just a few.

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We are proud to offer a village of support at the Motherhood Center in Houston. This is why the Motherhood Center was created. To offer services, classes, products, and support to expecting women, new mommies, and daddies all under one roof – to recreate their village. A place where they feel comfortable nurtured and provided with quality information as they grow as a family.


We all feel so honored and privileged to be part of this special time with our clients.

With Care,
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& all of the Motherhood Center Team[

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