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Women start searching for information about labor and childbirth from the very beginning of pregnancy. Childbirth education is an essential part of pregnancy from the moment a woman learns she’s expecting. Today, we live in a time where information is plentiful and readily available. We can become overloaded with information about pregnancy and birth and the ability to distinguish myth from fact can be challenging. Subtle and direct messages can make it difficult to think independently about pregnancy and birth. Stories and recommendations may contradict each other. Women need assistance in making sense of conflicting information. They need accurate, up-to-date, evidenced-based information; and help in making sense of it.

The truth is that most of the time the risks of labor and birth are exaggerated. The World Health Organization believes that 85-95% percent of births can be expected to go perfectly. Could you encounter complications? Yes. Should you expect it? No. Pregnancy, labor, and birth are simple, elegantly designed processes. Childbirth is inner wisdom at its best! When women can let go of fear and develop confidence in their ability to give birth, they will learn to communicate and negotiate in the complex world of maternity care and make informed decisions.

In order to accomplish this, women need to attend quality childbirth classes. Classes need to be a place for discovery, questions, and discussion. They should help untangle the web of modern obstetrics and figure out what’s best for mother and baby. Parents should leave class feeling assured; never fearful. In addition, they should provide knowledge and skills that build confidence in a woman’s ability to give birth. Small, interactive classes are optimal. They should not focus on hospital protocols, possible complications and medical interventions. Our childbirth classes at the Motherhood Center meet these expectations!

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Since some of the most important decisions a woman makes about childbirth are better made early in pregnancy, we encourage you to register for a childbirth class during your second trimester. Join us at the Motherhood Center in making your pregnancy an empowering time of learning, discerning, and choosing as you plan for your baby’s arrival.

– Dena Rogge
Lamaze Educator

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