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Changes to our Family Assistant & Nanny Department and Babysitting Department.

The Motherhood Center has been finding childcare solutions for Houston families for over 20 years. Our team prides itself in connecting families with Family Assistants, Nannies, and Babysitters who are perfectly suited to each family’s needs. COVID-19 has changed a lot for Houston families, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to helping families the best way we know how. Both our Family Assistant & Nanny Department and our Babysitting Department are taking steps to continue to provide childcare to families that need it now more than ever, while taking all precautions possible to keep everyone safe.

Our Family Assistant & Nanny Department

The Motherhood Center’s Family Assistant & Nanny Department has restructured a few things to allow families to continue searching for a Family Assistant and Nanny while feeling confident they are keeping their families safe. Instead of meeting with a Family Assistant or Nanny in-person, we are now offering a video call first. This allows the family to ask the candidate any questions they deem necessary before deciding if they would like to have an in-person meeting. Families can then choose to meet in an outdoor space for their first meeting. When a family does choose to have the Family Assistant or Nanny come to their home, the Family Assistant or Nanny will wear a mask and have her temperature taken before she enters their home. Families can request that a Family Assistant or Nanny candidate bring a change of clothes to put on upon entering their home, or they can provide a change of clothes or scrubs for them to wear.  

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Once a Family Assistant or Nanny is hired, or for families who already have Family Assistants or Nannies from our Motherhood Center working in their homes, communication is key. Families should have an open conversation with their Family Assistants or Nannies about what steps they are taking to keep their family safe. Any Family Assistant and Nanny candidates that are interviewed by our Motherhood Center are being asked questions about their living arrangements and if everyone in their household is practicing social distancing. During our interactions with our Family Assistants and Nannies, we make sure to emphasize the importance of diligent hand washing, wearing a mask, and continuing to socially distance. For families who start their search, but feel the need to pause it due to any upticks in COVID-19, we are able to put the search on hold until they feel more comfortable. 

Using our Motherhood Center for your childcare needs is more valuable now than ever. We have very strict standards and we carefully vet each of our candidates before welcoming them to our pool. We have updated this process to include measures to ensure we are only bringing on Family Assistants and Nannies who take our families’ safety as seriously as we do. This time has been very busy and challenging for a lot of families. Many parents are working from home while trying to find a Family Assistant or Nanny which can make the process that much harder. We take great pride in doing anything and everything that we can to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.  

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Our Babysitting Department

Just like in our Family Assistant & Nanny Department, our Babysitting Department has pivoted to address the concerns our families have about COVID-19 so we can continue to provide them with short-term childcare solutions. With children’s summer plans canceled and stricter rules about bringing children to appointments, many families are finding themselves looking for an option for as-needed or immediate childcare.  

Our Babysitting Department is keeping up to date with the best practices and techniques to protect the health of our Babysitters and clients. We are relaying best practices to our Babysitters about how to stay safe on their way to a client’s home, while working at a client’s home, and what to do when they get home from a job. 

Our Babysitters will happily wear a mask while working. Many of them have their own cloth masks that they are washing frequently, but they are also happy to wear masks and gloves provided by families. Families are welcome to take a Babysitter’s temperature upon arrival to their homes. We just ask that they request a temperature on their initial request form so we can let our Babysitter know. Families can also request that the Babysitter change clothes and shoes upon arrival. 

We continue to stay in regular communication with our Babysitters to make sure they have the most up to date information.

Our Baby Doula/Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) Department 

Our Baby Doula/NCS are taking every step to ensure that everyone’s health is protected. Our Baby Doulas/NCS, like our other caregivers, continue to practice hand hygiene, and being mindful of the surfaces they touch. Social distancing, continuous sanitization of high-contact areas, and wearing PPE and sterile uniforms has brought peace of mind to clients welcoming a BabyDoula/NCS into their home. We have also prioritized our Baby Doulas/NCS to work with one family at a time to decrease the risk of cross-contamination. 

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Our Commitment to Providing Childcare to our Families

As always, we are here to answer any questions regarding the changes we are implementing in our Family Assistant & Nanny Department, Babysitting Department, and Newborn Care Departments. We know this is a hard time for Houston families. Working from home with children is hard. Having children at home when they should be away at camps and summer activities is hard. Trying to navigate all the changes that go along with COVID-19 is hard – we are here to help!

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