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Nicole-Von-Buren-FamilyNothing quite prepares you for the journey of moving to a new city – or perhaps even a new country – far away from friends and family, especially when you are about to start a family or have small children. Fathers and mothers come to Houston from places like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Europe and the rest of the world, and they are looking for friends and a new support network for their family.

This is the story of Nicole Von Buren and financé Yannik from beautiful Luzern, Switzerland. They arrived in Houston a year ago via Southern California for Yannik’s new job in cancer research. And as if settling into their new home, job and a new culture wasn’t enough, they were soon expecting their first child, Liam. They needed to find an OB-GYN, midwife and a pediatrician. They also needed help transitioning into parenthood and found solace and support in our very own Motherhood Center here in Houston.

Nicole says, “When you are from abroad and you don’t have a family, it’s truly like having a family. The Motherhood Center is there when you need them and you can count on them.” Nicole and Yannik first came to a Baby Bump Social, where they met new friends. They attended numerous Pregnancy and Baby Care Educational Classes and Nicole came regularly for Massages and prenatal Yoga/Fitness, building even more relationships while staying healthy.

When baby Liam arrived, the couple transitioned into needing Babysitting Services, and Nicole came back for Bounce Back after Baby – Fitness Series. Nicole – who is an intensive pediatric nurse – says, “What makes the Motherhood Center so special is the quality and professionalism of all the classes, the attention to detail makes you feel like your are prepared and not alone. They think of everything that a mother needs to know before, during and after a baby arrives.”

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The couple’s amazing journey has come full circle and they found a village of support in the Motherhood Center in Houston. This is the main reason why the Motherhood Center was created. To offer services, classes, products and support to expecting women, new mommies and daddies all under one roof – to recreate their village. A place where they feel comfortable, nurtured and provided with quality information as they grow as a family.

We all feel so honored and privileged to be part of this special time with our clients.


& all of the Motherhood Center Team

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