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6 Tips on How to Get Better Sleep While Pregnant

Pregnant women often struggle with getting good sleep. Everyone always warns a mother-to-be that she needs to get her sleep before the baby comes. But trouble sleeping can start as early as the first months of pregnancy when we begin to feel uncomfortable and our brains can’t seem to shut down at night. In the last stretch of pregnancy, a women’s growing baby bump can make sleeping difficult and sometimes downright impossible.

So how can we give ourselves the best chance at a good night’s sleep? Here are six tips for better sleep during pregnancy:

  1. Use Maternity Wedges and Pillows: Pregnant women who have trouble sleeping can choose from a myriad of wedges and pillows made just for them. Watch the video below to see all the wonderful options available at the Motherhood Center.

Maternity wedges are a great option for pregnant women who have trouble sleeping. At the Motherhood Center’s retail store, we carry a small cooling wedge that is used to cushion and support your belly for side sleep but can also be placed between your knees for additional comfort. We also offer the triangular Big Wedge pillow which allows for sleeping in a semi-reclining back position or side position during pregnancy. This design reduces back strain and provides the best blood flow to the uterus.

The memory foam contour pillow is another good addition to a pregnant woman’s bed. It fits the curve of the head and neck providing natural spine support. The proper support lets your muscles fully relax, allowing for a faster drop off into slumber and a deeper sleep.

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The maternity body pillow is another tried and true tool. These long pillows provide comfort and support to the entire body including the arms, legs, and the tummy for side sleeping. Sleeping on your side is recommended for optimal blood flow and the body pillows promote better spinal alignment for a better sleep position as well. At the Motherhood Center we carry the Hungarian Body Pillow which contains premium feathers that allow it to maintain its quality and fluffy structure even over long periods of use.

We are also proud to carry our own custom body pillows that are overfilled to our specifications, based on our extensive experience with clients over the years. Hypoallergenic covers are also available for these. Reach out to us to learn how you can have your own custom body pillow.

Our client Katherine Gillman first enjoyed these special body pillows firsthand at the Motherhood Center. “I was receiving weekly prenatal massages at the Motherhood Center and the very first time I laid on their table, it was the most comfortable I had been in weeks. I immediately knew I had to have the set up at home!”

You can find all these well-designed sleeping aids at the Motherhood Center retail store, along with 400-count Egyptian cotton pillow covers for maximum comfort. Don’t underestimate the need for the right equipment to help you get better sleep at night!

  1. Get a Prenatal Massage: Maternity pillows are not the only good way to feel more relaxed. Katherine had the right idea by scheduling weekly prenatal massages as well.
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A professional pregnancy massage reduces stress, encourages relaxation, increases circulation and soothes aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy, all of which help you sleep better too! Massage Therapists at the Motherhood Center are specifically trained in prenatal massage therapy. Finding an experienced and knowledgeable prenatal massage therapist can make all the difference.

  1. Do Light Exercise: Light exercise not only keeps a mom-to-be in shape, but it can relieve stress and release energy to help you sleep more quickly and deeply at night. Some moms are hesitant to head to the gym during pregnancy, but most doctors agree that for a healthy pregnancy, you can generally keep up a comparable workout to what you did before. Just be sure to modify it for your pregnancy and avoid any movements that affect your belly, such as crunches.

If you are unsure of how to exercise safely during pregnancy, try a prenatal yoga class at the Motherhood Center. Prenatal yoga offers a low-impact workout that improves flexibility and balance and helps relieve stress. Breathing exercises used in prenatal yoga also come in handy during labor! Since each pregnancy is different, you should always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program to make sure there are no special concerns.

  1. Get Comfy: Wear as much or as little as you need to be comfortable at night. Make sure nothing is tight fitting and offers plenty of room for your growing baby. Buy a sleep bra if you need extra support. Motherhood Center staff can help you find the right style and size for your needs.
  2. Embrace the Late-Night Snack: Is your growing belly making your tummy rumble at night? You and the baby need the extra calories, so don’t worry about giving in to the occasional midnight snack. Just make sure to munch on something nutritious, such as a bowl of fruit, that won’t be too heavy and keep you awake.
  3. Create the Right Environment: As tempting as it is to research one more question about newborns while you are in bed on your laptop or phone, don’t do it. Experts agree that putting away digital devices at least 30 minutes before bed will help your body get ready for sleep. To make the bedroom an even cozier place for slumber, diffuse a pregnancy-safe essential oil like lavender to promote calm, relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to keep the room at a cool, comfortable temperature that will help keep you undisturbed all night. The cooling wedge mentioned above can also help keep your body temperature regulated while you sleep.
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It’s so important for expecting mamas to get their rest. Use these tips and reach out to us at the Motherhood Center if there is anything we can do to help you get the sleep you need.

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