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5 Ways to Secure Help with Childcare

Ever since the pandemic began, families have been especially careful to shield older members from the virus. Grandparents who might have spent regular time with their grandchildren have had to limit their visits. In many families, grandma and grandpa can no longer come and spend the early newborn days helping out, providing regular childcare, or offer the occasional babysitting service. What other ways can families find the childcare help they need?

  1. Hire a night nanny. There are lots of great reasons to use a night nanny. The Motherhood Center offers quality night nanny placement services to help parents who need an extra hand.  A night nanny can stay with a family anywhere from 2-12 weeks or beyond. Once baby and mom are back home, a night nanny can support the parents by being available to take care of the baby while mom and dad sleep at night, help with newborn care during the daytime, or cover a combination of nighttime and daytime needs.

Besides overnight care, which is what night nannies typically do for families, there are many other areas where a night nanny can prove to be a valuable part of newborn care. Night nannies can help with household chores like baby laundry, washing bottles or pump attachments, or tidying up the kitchen. They can be a source of educational guidance, helping parents learn about breastfeeding, bottle techniques, swaddling, and night time routines. Sometimes new moms need physical support due to having a C-section, or emotional support for postpartum depression and anxiety. Night nannies sent by the Motherhood Center always go the extra mile.

  1. Use a babysitting service. If all you need is sporadic help with the baby so that you can have some time to yourself, consider using a babysitting service. Book a babysitter through the Motherhood Center’s Babysitting Placement Service and you’ll have a someone at your door in no time who can watch the children, make them a meal and snacks, and clean up after them. Our babysitters can even accompany you out so that you can have an extra hand while you’re out with the kids. If you’re looking for regular nanny, the Motherhood Center can find one for you as well. Our Nanny Placement Services will help you find someone to compliment your family’s lifestyle and needs.
  1. Share childcare. Some families find that a nanny/childcare share situation works for them. They may have a friend who uses a nanny part-time and are able to share the nanny through an agreed-upon schedule. If you don’t know anyone who has a nanny with the ability to do a nanny share, try asking other parents on local community parent-based Facebook groups. Local searches are best if you plan for the nanny to travel between families in the same day. Always work out the terms of employment together with the other family so that there is no misunderstanding on schedules and nanny duties. Nannies should have guaranteed hours from both parties. Be mindful that nannies who have two families to care for have a harder job—their salary should reflect this more complicated arrangement.
  1. Swap childcare duties with another family. Do you need a date night here and there but finding it a squeeze on your budget? Maybe you’re just not comfortable having someone you don’t know watching your little one? Consider asking another family to join you in a childcare swap. When one couple needs a date night, the other couple will watch the children. Often, time passes more easily when kids are able to play with other kids too. So not only are you giving another couple a night out, you are arranging a playdate for your own kids to keep them occupied. Best of all, this arrangement gives you free childcare when it’s your turn!
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Parents who are home during the day could also consider using childcare swap with a friend in order to have time to run errands, go to doctor’s appointments, and just take care of tasks without having children underfoot. When one stay-at-home parent needs a few childless hours, he/she can drop off their kids at the friend’s house. Then the friend can return the favor. You can even schedule a regular childcare swap situation so that you have a consistent window of time every week.

  1. Register your child for a Mother’s Day Out program. If you’re not interested in a full daycare, you might want to look into a Mother’s Day Out. These programs often start around 9 a.m. and end around 2 p.m., allowing you to drop off your child a few days a week, or all five days, for socialization and learning opportunities. Some programs may be half days only. Mother’s Day Out programs can also be referred to as preschools, which typically follow a set curriculum and provide lots of educational support in addition to being a great childcare option. Parents can use the predictable schedule to plan their own weeks, even going back to work if the hours match up.

Don’t hesitate to check out all the different kinds of childcare options the Motherhood Center offers. Our various online and in-persons classes at the center also provide opportunities to meet other families. You might even find parents who can do a date night childcare swap with you!


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