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Embracing the Challenges of Personal Growth in Motherhood

The journey to motherhood births a whole new personal identity.  What tends to be forgotten is even though you’re now a mom, you are still “you.”  You’re entitled to your own goals and aspirations and deserving of time and space to create, implement, and embody them. Parenting can be selfless, all-consuming, and overwhelming at times.  This is why self-care is crucial, and rediscovering who you are is transformative.

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Class Topics:

This 6-week program dives deep into personal development and self-inquiry.  It’s intended for those seeking clarity and inspiration for the next chapter in their motherhood journey.  Whether you’re a newer or seasoned mom, this program will help uncover your deepest desires and create a future you’re excited about. Expect empowering conversation and intimate connection as we walk through motherhood side by side.  With different themes and new contexts each week, come as you are and walk away feeling inspired and rejuvenated.  You are worthy of this!

  • Limited to 8 participants
  • Intended for moms only
  • In-person or virtual option if needed
  • Weekly meetings for 6 consecutive weeks

Instructor: Lee Moffett

Lee Moffett is a wife and mama to three young children.  She always wanted to be a mom but her journey to motherhood was traumatic including hospital bed rest, a premature baby/NICU stay, and severe postpartum depression.  Always very career-driven, she struggled with her new identity as a stay-at-home mom for years.  During the pandemic, she discovered her new path – receiving certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  In 2021, she started her own wellness coaching practice which allows her to be a present mom and follow her dreams.  Her 10+ years of teaching yoga and mindfulness bring a warm and personable approach to her coaching. She is honored to bring her passion of helping women to the Motherhood Center.


In person or Live stream

$ 300.00

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