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Certified Doula Services in Houston TX

providing emotional and physical support
to expecting mothers

A labor Doula, also known as a birth assistant, labor assistant or coach, or birth
companion, offers emotional and physical support to expectant mothers before
during, and after the birth of her baby. Labor Doulas serve as advocates for
mothers and are an invaluable source of information before and during labor.

Babies and spouses also benefit from the support of a qualified labor doula.
Doulas from Motherhood Center have noticed babies have an easier time
breastfeeding as well as better bonding and overall health during a doula
pregnancy. Spouses or birth partners are thankful for the extra care for their
loved one.

Labor Assistant Support in the Hospital, at Home, or at a Birthing Center

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I often recommend Motherhood Center services to friends and co-workers. I think Motherhood Center provides a unique set of services for families during our doula pregnancy in a time of need.
Amy H.
Motherhood Center has been incredible at accommodating us during our search for a doula midwife, and they have the friendliest staff!
Kristin M.

doulas offer personalized help
beyond labor support

offer detailed
information about
childbirth options

create a
birth plan

A labor assistant can help you in your time of need.

help create a
confident and secure
environment for the
labor and birthing


Breastfeeding Class in Houston

assist with
breastfeeding and

Doula Pregnancy

advise on well-balanced
diet and fluid intake

A Doula Midwife can help your pregnancy succeed

provide resources and
support when necessary
or requested

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