Virtual Labor Suport

Many expecting parents are finding they don’t have access to the support they hoped to use during their labor and birth. During this difficult time, many hospitals are changing their policies regarding visitors, labor doulas, and partners. Let us help support you through this amazing and wonderful event! In addition to our education classes, we can provide virtual doula services during your labor and birth.

We can’t be with you in the hospital, but we can be with you via live stream and video conferencing. $100 to sign up with a 30-minute call included. $50/hour during labor support. Email for more information and a customized package.

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Certified Doula Services in Houston TX

Providing Emotional and Physical Support to Expecting Mothers

A labor Doula, also known as a birth assistant, labor assistant or coach, or birth
companion, offers emotional and physical support to expectant mothers before
during, and after the birth of her baby. Labor Doulas serve as advocates for
mothers and are an invaluable source of information before and during labor.

Babies and spouses also benefit from the support of a qualified labor doula.
Doulas from Motherhood Center have noticed babies have an easier time
breastfeeding as well as better bonding and overall health during a doula
pregnancy. Spouses or birth partners are thankful for the extra care for their
loved one.

Labor Assistant Support in the Hospital, at Home, or at a Birthing Center


Before signing up:
  • First-time parents will need to take a childbirth class before the actual delivery. We have our live-stream or in-person classes, as well as virtual private classes. You also have the option of learning this information directly through your labor doula, via Zoom or FaceTime sessions.
  • If you are not a first-time parent, you may omit the class. 
The service includes:
    • 15-minute free consultation
    • 30-minute initial Zoom session and 15 min postpartum Zoom session included in the registration fee 
    • Unlimited texting and emailing before birth
    • The hourly rate applies to audio/Zoom /Face-Time calls before, during, and after birth 
  • The registration fee of $100 is due at signing, and all hourly rates of $50/hr will be billed in 15 min increments, billed weekly

Doulas Offer Personalized Help Beyond Labor Support

offer detailed
information about
childbirth options