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Our classes are now being offered in-person and online. Link to stream will be sent 3 hours before class starts. All class times are in CST.

Special Live Stream Pricing: $85 per Individual or Couple

Senior couple with baby grandsonGrandparents are an amazing resource for wisdom, support, and encouragement for expecting parents. However, many grandparents quickly discover that the rules for newborn care have evolved much like the telephone to the smart phone. And just as our modern society has created a demand for services like Geek Squad to assist you with your new technology, The Motherhood Center offers a Grandparent Refresher course that helps to merge the wisdom of past generations with the methods of the 21stcentury.

If you are wondering whether things have really changed that much, here’s a pop quiz that might help: Should you put newborns on their tummies to sleep? Is rice cereal recommended for newborns? Do bumpers make cribs safer for babies? You might be surprised to learn that according to today’s medical experts, the answer to all of these questions is no.

These topics, along with general newborn care tips such as diaper changing, umbilical cord care and sponge baths are all covered in the grandparent class. Private classes also available.

Instructor: Dena Rogge, LCCE

Select Wednesdays; see registration link for specific dates and times

Group class:  $120 per individual or couple

Private class: $350 per individual or couple

“The Grandparents’ Refresher Course was terrific!  Thank you, Dena!  With the COVID crisis having shut down all the classes at the local hospital, my son, his wife and I are relying totally on video courses.  Yours couldn’t have been more helpful to me.  Take care.”

Mindy T.