The Basics of Infant Oral Care

I am a mother of two girls and I am also a pediatric dentist. The mother in me knows how incredibly overwhelming it is to [...]

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Pregnancy is one of my favorite seasons in life. It is during this time that we, as women, truly realize the incredible potential our bodies [...]

Baby K’Tan – Our Favorite Baby Carrier

Common Questions: How to find the correct size: When trying on the k’tan, the lowest point of the carrier should fall just below your chest [...]

Comfort and Coping: A Labor Skills Workshop

You’ve read all the books, taken your childbirth class, and yet you still don’t feel totally prepared for labor. While every labor is different and [...]

Child Care Choices: Finding the Perfect Fit for You

Child Care Choices: Finding The Perfect Fit For You By Gabriela Gerhart, Founder & President of Motherhood Center You’ve spent nine months making decisions [...]

Client Spotlight with the Nassar Family

Mom: Angelica Ang Nassar Occupation: Consultant & Philanthropist Dad: Ramzi Nassar Occupation: Energy Investment Banker Number of children (names/ages): Ramzi (Ram) Nassar [...]

Holiday Gift Guide

Client Spotlight with The LaRocco Family

Name: Chris & Rebecca LaRocco Number of children (names/ages): Liam (2 months) Baby’s latest milestone: Smiling (it's not just gas!) [...]

Client Spotlight With Keli & Brandon Davis

Name: Keli & Brandon Davis Occupation: Keli - Investigative Journalist / Brandon - Entrepreneur Number of children - names + ages: Braeden Jack Davis [...]

Q & A With Our Lactation Consultant Renee Bowling

Q: When do you recommend attending a breastfeeding class? Should my partner attend? A: I recommend taking a breastfeeding class during your 7th or 8th [...]

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