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Our classes are now being offered in-person and online. Link to stream will be sent 1 hour before class starts. All class times are in CST.

Instructed By: Sandra Arceneaux LVN, LCCE

Group class: $240 per couple
Private class: $500 per couple
Live Stream class: $195 per couple

Prepared Childbirth
Prepared Childbirth is an educational approach to labor and delivery in which the parents are specially prepared for the event. Women and their partners are encouraged to draw upon their own innate strengths and intuition in order to allow birth to reach its transforming potential.

Prepared Childbirth classes emphasize the uniqueness of each woman's life experience and how it impacts her labor and birthing process. Through self-awareness and information on what to expect Prepared Childbirth will help parents prepare for the arrival of their baby. The instructors advocate a family-centered maternity care program with topics to include anatomy & physiology of pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, perineal massage, relaxation massage, relaxation techniques, developing a birth plan and discussing it with the care provider, a detailed explanation of the process of labor/birth and coping strategies for labor such as positions, massage counter pressure, and vocalization.

Instructed By: Dena Rogge, LCCE

Group class: $300 per couple
Private class: $550 per couple
Live Stream class: $300 per couple

Natural Childbirth
This class will cover what to expect in labor, birth and the early postpartum period. All topics discussed will be based on Lamaze International’s Healthy Birth Practices, with the emphasis on having an unmedicated birth. It is more important than ever that parents have up-to-date information. Discover the stages of labor, how to cope with labor using comfort measures, support and planning, pain management options, how to avoid unnecessary interventions, prevent c-section, and the importance of informed consent/refusal. Birth plans can be discussed as a group or privately.
5 Hour Session - Two sessions lasting 2.5 hours each.

Virtual Natural Childbirth Mini Classes

Instructor: Dena Rogge, LCCE

Private Live-Stream classes only.
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Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices

Lamaze – Six Healthy Birth Practices

1.5 hour – $120 per person or couple

Years of research has been summed up into six healthy birth practices, proven to promote the safest, healthiest birth possible for parents and babies. Learn about “routine” practices, and how you can be part of the shared decision-making process. This class is the template for developing a successful birth plan and learning the importance of informed consent or refusal.

Interventions During Labor and Birth and Cesarean

Interventions During Labor and Birth and Cesarean

1 hour – $110 per person or couple

Maternity care in the United States can be filled with interventions. This class reviews the evidence and outcomes associated with routine use of interventions during labor and birth. Learn about options and how you can make informed choices about fetal monitoring, food and drink during labor, iv fluids, episiotomy, and more. Cesarean section procedures will also be covered.


An Overview of the Ins & Outs of Induction

1 hour – $110 per person or couple

In this class, we will examine common reasons for induction of labor and the evidence-based recommendations for each. Topics covered will include practice guidelines surrounding due dates, big babies, gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, COVID-19, and more.

The Fourth Stage of Labor and Beyond

The Fourth Stage of Labor & Beyond

1 hour – $110 per person or couple

Explore the evidence surrounding healthy practices during the first hour after birth. You will also learn how to have a healthy recovery as you manage the physical and emotional changes experienced from birth to 12 months.

Labor and Birth During COVID-19

Labor and Birth During COVID-19

1 hour – $110 per person or couple

Coronavirus is an emerging topic that continues to cause anxiety for expecting parents around the world.  The discussion will include current research on COVID-19 and pregnancy, as well as practice guidelines.  Find out how it’s possible to have a calm and empowering birth during COVID-19.

Comfort Measures Labor and Birth

Comfort Measures Labor and Birth

2 hours – $170 per person or couple

This class briefly describes the stages of labor, with a focus on relaxation and breathing, massage, and pain management techniques/options.  Positions for labor and birth will also be discussed.